Please read through to the end for an important message!

Yarn is wonderful in so many ways…

The colors.

The textures.

The fibers!

The choices!

The endless patterns and possibilities for it all!

But you know what I consider one of the best parts of the whole yarn world? The connection it brings us with fellow yarnies. I love connecting with all of you and seeing the beautiful pieces you make!

Some of you have asked for a knit-a-long or crochet-a-long, so I’ve decided on what we’ll do!

Using my new Coffee and Cream Spectrum gradient wool, we’ll be making the amazing Ysolda Teague’s Peaks Island Hood!

I’ve been wanting to make this little beauty for ages now!

So if you’re interested in working along, you can order this yarn, or use any worsted weight yarn that you have!

KAL’s are fun because

1. We all work on the same project together and can help each other if anything goes awry

2. It’s glorious to see all the end projects!

Please join my Ravelry group so we can discuss it as we go!

•I chose the brilliant Ysolda Teague’s, Peaks Island Hood:


peaks island hood pattern

And will be using my new COFFEE AND CREAM Spectrum Gradient Wool yarn: (You’ll need 3 skeins!)
I chose this pattern because:

1. I love Ysolda to pieces and she’s brilliant
2. It’s a paid pattern, which helps to provide her living and I’m a HUGE fan of encouraging and supporting other women in living out their dreams, while making a living doing so.
3. I know it’s a more wintery project, but winter will be here again eventually, and truth be told, it’s still well below freezing here in Alaska. Brrrr…
4. It seems simple enough for beginners, but interesting enough for those more experienced.
5. I think it will look lovely with my new color-changing COFFEE AND CREAM Spectrum wool, which is what I’ll be using. You can use this or any other worsted wt wool.
6. Knitting will commence March 15, so you have time to get your wool shipped.

Also, I know there are a lot of crocheters over on my facebook page (thank you for 25,000 likes!) and I am hoping to stretch you into learning knitting!

Please NOTE! Due to a family emergency I will not be shipping any orders for approximately 2 weeks, starting March 11th, so please order this week to guarantee shipping! Thank you!

Have a great day/night/evening!