Oh, I just KNEW as I was crocheting this rainbow blanket for my niece for Christmas that:

1. I would show you pictures

2. You would want the pattern

and that

3. I wasn’t writing the pattern down.


I know. I know. It’s pretty darn cool, huh?

crochet circle blanket pattern

So I don’t have the pattern for this, but YOU CAN create your own custom blanket if you know a few basic stitches. DON’T BE AFRAID! It’s super easy and you CAN DO IT!

If you’ve never tried creating your own pattern before, this is a wonderful time to do so. Anybody can do this, so let’s march forward!

Here’s how:

1. Assemble your desired colors. I am using loads of scrap yarn in rainbow colors, mostly wool. I combined all types of brands, including my own hand-dyed. It’s like a great big mix of love! All these yarn companies combined into one effort of beauty!

rainbow yarn colors

rainbow colorful yarn photo

2. If you want to make a circle blanket like moi, then you’ll want to start in the middle of the circle. If you don’t currently know any circle patterns, I’d recommend checking these out on Ravelry. If that link doesn’t work, just search on your favorite pattern site (or look in books!) for “circle motif.”


3. Pick one and work up the basic center motif.

crochet circle motif pattern

4. Now start adding rows around. How on EARTH am I supposed to do this, you ask? Well, if you have a few years of crochet under your belt, you might have some stitch ideas. What I did was try a stitch pattern for a few inches and see how it was going to lay… And then just kept going if it seemed okay. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, I recommend you look up edging patterns. Again, here are some on Ravelry, but there are also books and other blogs, etc with edging patterns. Just google, “crochet edging pattern.”

circle crochet afghan picture

circle crocheted blanket

Note: You can do this with knitting too! Just look up “knitting motif” and “knitting edging pattern.”

5. KEEP GOING and enjoy the beauty of it all!   I chose to change colors randomly. I had originally intended that this be a huge, king-sized blanket, but time became a factor, so it became its ultimate destiny… a lap blanket and perhaps future baby blanket. 😀

Here are some more photos for ya…

round circle blanket instructions

how to crochet a round blanket


I really hope this post INSPIRED you to try new things, to branch out and attempt to create something without a pattern if you’ve never done so and to KNOW you’ve got it in you! There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of and no time is wasted if it’s spent crocheting, I say. WOO!

What do you think? Would you create something like this?