I wanted to let you know about 4 things today:

1. New rainbow and fantasy fleece available for spinners/felters.Woo! (If you don’t spin or felt, it’s just cool to look at!)
2. Shop closing for 2+ weeks (what you need to know, and how to SAVE money when buying yarn)
3. LusterSoft Worsted Weight Yarn (did you know this was available in all colors?)
4. My new studio! (Which means MORE new goodies coming soon soon soon for you!)

1. FIRST UP, EYE CANDY! Just look at these scrumptious fleeces:

Rainbow Swirls Romney Wool:

rainbow wool fleece romney

Funky Fairy Romney Wool:

pink and green romney wool fiber

Swamp Maiden Romney Wool:fantasy fleece fiber to spin

Yes. Oh, YES! I can’t get enough of this stuff! Does it make you feel like your heart is going to burst with sparkles? That’s how I feel when I look at it! To say I love rainbow fleece is to say the sun exists.

Elven Tide Crossbred Wool:

magical fantasy fleece for spinning or felting

Gingerwood Crossbred Wool:

sunset colors wool fleece fibre

These are all available now here:



I love all things magical/fairy/mystical/woodland/sparkly, thus the names!

And just for visual fun, check out my new pinterest board on All Things Magical:


2. I will be putting the eBay store and my etsy shop on vacation mode from July 16-Aug. 6.

I’m headed out on vacation and operations will shut down during that time. I will most likely leave the actual shop available for ordering, but with announcements that we will be closed until the 6th.

So if you really MUST order while I’m away, you can do so through the shop, with the understanding that I won’t be able to dye, dry or ship your order until the 6th or later, depending upon how many orders come in.

IMPORTANT: If you’ve been eyeing anything you simply must have soon, you’ll want to order today or tomorrow to make sure your items ship out before I leave… this will give me time to get your colors dyed, dried and shipped. 

Also, this is a great time to mention that if you found us through eBay or etsy, you can get discounts and save some moolah by ordering through our site. How so? Well, we don’t have to pay eBay or etsy fees if you order there, so we can afford to give discounts. In case you haven’t noticed, if you order 2 or more of the same color, the shopping cart will automatically give you 10% off those items. WOO HOO!

AND if you’re in the US, orders of $50 or more ship for free. Another WOO HOO! The shopping cart will do this automatically as well.

3. LusterSoft Worsted Weight Yarn available in all colors!

If you love our LusterSoft fingering weight sock yarn, but would enjoy it in a heavier weight, we do have the worsted weight LusterSoft available (superwash merino with a sheen) in all colors, available only on the website right now, not eBay or etsy. Just select the color you want and then select worsted weight before adding the item to your cart. 🙂

4. NEW STUDIO and new products.

I am bursting, tickled and delighted to announce that I will be moving into my new studio after I get back from vacation. This means a bigger kitchen, bigger storage space, more drying room, more everything that’s good!

Here’s a shot of it right now, complete with cubbies (WOO for more yarn storage!), and I’ll do after pics once it’s all painted and what-not.
yarn storage ideas

As it stands right now, I’ve been dyeing up your colors as you order them, drying them (praying for sunny, windy days!) and shipping them usually the next day.

But, with more space (and a new yarn storage/hanging system!) and the fact that I just ordered in several hundred pounds of yarn, I will be able to stock up all colors and have them ready, so I should be able to ship even faster, and more efficiently. I am the queen of efficiency and doing things in the inefficient way I have been is about to change.

Also, since I’ll have more space, I plan on adding in rovings and more yarn bases, including with silk, maybe bamboo, other luxury fibers, and even handspun yarns perhaps! If you have any requests, let me know!


Enjoy your day! I hope you get to do some fiber crafting today! :*



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Be Blessed!