I have decided to continue offering my delicious Elements yarns. There are 4 collections in the Elements yarns, AIR, EARTH, FIRE and WATER.

Just click on any of the links to be taken to them on the shop!

AND! A new thing. They are now also available in worsted weight superwash merino wool, as well as the original fingering weight (sock yarn) superwash merino wool.

I’d love to tell you more about this beautiful yarn, which I am calling LusterSoft.  Here’s the scoop:

-Each skein is 100 g (about 3.5 oz) and produces a medium-sized pair of women’s socks. Or a shawlette. Or what-have-you.

-We offer this now in either fingering weight, OR our (EXCITING!!) brand new WORSTED WEIGHT! WOO HOO! Got a little excited there. Fingering weight is thinner and is great for socks and shawls and baby things and thin hats or gloves and anything you like where you need a thinner yarn like that. The worsted weight is what most people consider “normal” or “regular” yarn. If you’re a yarn newbie and go to a craft store or Wal-Mart to get yarn, most of it is worsted weight. You can make anything you like with this… warm hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, etc.

-This is a superwash wool yarn, meaning you can machine-wash it. I do recommend hand-washing as it will prolong the life of your knitted item, though. Always a good tip!

-Probably my favorite thing about this yarn is the shimmer.  Really, most wool is not shimmery, but due to the special way this is processed to make it superwash, the fibers are stretched, thus creating an almost silken-like shimmer to the yarn. I say almost, because it is not as shimmery as real silk, but does have a lovely glow to it, which I adore. 

-It has a gorgeous drape to it and would be STUNNING made into a scarf or shawl. Really sexysexy wrapped around your shoulders, if ya know what I mean! 😉

-4-ply, which means it has a nice, roundness to it and produces plump, full stitches, lasts longer and pills less than other yarns.

I really spent quite awhile looking at various suppliers and all types of yarns (I have a whole stash of sampler cards still!) and felt this yarn was a great one to sell, as it embraced all the qualities I want my yarns to have: Beauty, function, quality. Some yarns look great, but don’t last well. Some are work-horses and last for years, but are scratchy or ugly. Etc. But I wanted it all and I want it all for each new yarn or roving I choose to add to my shop.

I want you to thoroughly enjoy your purchases from me! I want them to add joy and many hours of entertainment to your life, not just be a transaction.

So please do enjoy if you get a chance to try any of these. If you’ll notice, a few of them are ON SALE more than the others! Can you find them? They are scattered throughout!

If not, just take a look and enjoy the pictures and descriptions.

And each colorway you see is available in both the fingering weight and worsted, I just haven’t gotten the worsted ones listed yet. If you would like any color on the site in the worsted LusterSoft yarn, just include a note in the checkout and I will dye it up in the worsted weight for you.

Speaking of which, I am still in the process of getting my store categories rearranged and I think I will merely add the worsted wt as an option to the existing products, rather than add completely new products just for the worsted weight versions, even though the colors are the same.

I know it might seem slow-going, but I am working as much as I can to get all the products up and listed that I have. If you prefer to order off of etsy, we have a shop there as well and I am little-by-little adding all the products into that shop.

Once all the products get listed, it’s merely a matter of shipping products and dyeing new colors and blogging and knitting!! WOO!

So please bear with me as I keep going on the listing! It kinda feels like birthing a baby! Not that I have a clue what that’s like. But listing each product takes effort and time and attention! 🙂 Maybe a bad analogy! Ha ha!

So please enjoy your day!!

If there are any products you are wanting but don’t see, feel free to let me know! I always love hearing your input! Be blessed!