New Limited Edition Wool Sock Yarn Colorway: Butterfly Effect

The whim to dye a new colorway of wool sock yarn hit me the other day. So, I whipped out the dyes, whipped out the yarn and dyed up this gorgeous colorway, which I have named: Butterfly Effect.

I named it so because it reminded me of a butterfly’s many colors. My brother recently received a collection of butterflies, inside two glass panels, and it inspired me to create this shade!

Also, the concept of the Butterfly Effect has always intrigued me. It suggests that something as tiny and seemingly insignificant as a butterfly flapping its wing could result in massive changes later, like a hurricane. You can google it if you would like to learn more and I highly recommend it! So fascinating.

This is in limited supply, and once gone, is gone.

Also, I’ve added an option to the site to buy any 3 products for $45, which I’ve listed here.┬áDepending upon which products you select, that is about a 20% discount!

And remember you receive free shipping within the US for orders of $50 or more!


Butterfly colorful wool sock yarn