I’m staring out the window of my loft watching the happy clouds walk across the sky. They seem content and purposeful. Sort of how I feel today.

I’m a wee under the weather, with a scratchy throat that struggles to swallow. So I’m immersed in pattern designing, drinking chicken broth and kombucha and listening to honky geese declare the injustices of the world, as they fly past the roof.

1. The Red Velvet Rose Wrap is finished. It should go live on the site this month. I started this little wonder back in November and have worked on it in tidbits. At knit night. At sleepovers with my besties. Yes, we have adult sleepovers and knit, crochet, eat bacon and cake and soup and cranberry bog, let the dogs party hard and discuss the truths of life. It’s quite blissful.

Here is a HINT:

red velvet rose crocheted wrap

I designed this pattern on the fly. I scribbled out a sort-of chicken-scratch pattern design but then just created the stitches as I went and kept marveling that it was “just working out.” And working out so prettily!

The colorway is Red Velvet Rose on my sumptuous and sexy Pearlescent Worsted yarn. If yarn could be sexy, this is the yarn that could pull it off. Jessica Rabbit would be a good name for it too. As with all my colors, it comes and goes. You can read more about it here. See other colors in this same yarn base, though, here.

I used *cough* 5 skeins *cough.*  My original intention was 5-6 skeins so I hit the mark, but decided to stoppppp before getting close to needing that 6th skein, just in case you make it and have a different gauge. So 5 skeins it is.

2. Through the Spectrum Scarf. This little wonder is currently listed here as a free pattern. I’m going to end up using 2 skeins of Flora Pearlescent Worsted yarn. One skein makes a really skinny version:

through the spectrum crochet scarf UFO work in progress

So I think 2 skeins will be ideal. The colors. Oh my! It’s a great pattern for variegated worsted weight yarn. Once I’m finished, we’ll get some lovely photos for you and list it as a convenient downloadable PDF pattern.

3. Unnamed Wonder: This beauty has been calling my name for days, begging to be born.

I dyed up the yarn. Debated on using just 2 of the colors or all 3 or possibly adding in some ivory. Opted for all 3. Cuz why not?

And then allowed the pattern to write itself. Sometimes I have a plan for a pattern and other times I sit down with nary a clue and out pops this THING. Oh, and when you’re sick, you get tired of carrying around 3 skeins of yarn, plus a tissue box, so you combine them and BOOM. Instant yarn caddy.

crocheted lace shawl

So here is the thing. The first stage looked like a squashed alien gramma. And I loved it.

Then it began looking like a square. So I imagined a giant square shawl or beach wrap.

Then a random shape emerged. Then wait… is it a butterfly? Yes! A butterfly!

No, a flower.

NO! A rippling pond.

To sum, I have no idea what this is going to be.

But it will be something quite lovely.

crocheted yak silk lace shawl up close

I’m using 3 different (new colors) skeins of yak silk lace weight. Don’t be afraid of lace weight! It’s a dream really. I’m using a size G hook too, so it’s quite comfy on the hands. Nothing too teeny tiny. And look how it’s creating these beautiful stitches.

This will be available on my website when it’s finished. Most likely a few months from now. We shall see. Keep a watch out!

Other new patterns to be looking for in the coming month or two include some knit and crochet spring shawl/scarves and gorgeous baby blankets. Eep! If you don’t want to miss out, sign up for my email newsletter and I will keep you in the loop.

This type of project thrills me to no end because it reminds me of all the years I crocheted doilies as a little girl. I crocheted on the ferry and on the plane when we lived in Juneau, Alaska and the only way to leave was via boat or plane.

I crocheted at church camp when I was 12 and my mom was gabbing with the ladies.

I crocheted in highschool after doing my homework. I made a set of coasters for virtually everybody I knew. And most of them also received a filet crochet bookmark designed with their name in it.

I love crocheting and knitting because they’re so darn relaxing and they require you to focus. And count. And slow down. And forget for awhile. And chill out.

I got a bit stressed last month. Pushing myself to work later and later and more and more. Never taking a day off. Waking up earlier and earlier to work. Pushing some more.

And then…I got sick. I felt like a pile of worn out poo for about 4-5 days. I worked, but more slowly. More intentionally. More methodically. Focused.

And I felt as if I woke up. And saw the truth.

The truth of what I preach all the time. I deserve to feel good and to enjoy each day. It’s weird and sounds selfish and oh-so-PU-lease-there-are-real-problems-in-the-world.

But we have to start with ourselves. We must love ourselves and nurture ourselves so that we can shine and share our gifts with the world.

I’m crafting more. I even allowed myself to buy not 2 but 3 bottles of kombucha this week. What luxury is this!

And I’ve discovered sweet young coconuts. You crack them open, pop a straw in and out comes delicious and healthy coconut water. Then scoop out the insides and eat them. It’s soft like jelly, not like the hard coconuts you may have purchased in the past.

I’m listening to more spa music on YouTube and taking baths. Slipping more into beautiful spiritual books and self-help books regardless of who judges me or thinks me an idiot for believing in those things. So?

chandi reading

I’ve learned to voice my truth and communicate so much better. I’m no longer allowing others to push me around or intimidate me into doing things I really don’t want to do. My opinion and my voice matter. It’s okay to express myself kindly and thoughtfully.

A few times, I’ve just … sat. And thought. Or rested. And I find then I do much better work and have so much more to give you when I do.

chandi porch

We’ve been carving out time every day to go to the gym and weight lift. I’m seeing muscles! But more importantly, I am feeling stronger. I’m so proud of myself. When you don’t feel like going to the gym, but you do it anyways, you grow in resolve. And when you don’t feel like doing 90 squats but do them anyways, you grow. You cringe and moan. And you grow. And when you finish your workout, covered in sweat and racked with exhaustion, you grow. In body and mind. And it transfers to other areas of your life.

New motto:

Work hard. Play hard. Resttttttttt completely. Rinse and repeat.

And my gym motto is:

When you least feel like going, is when you most need to.

I’m off now to eat ice cream (it’s cheat day)!

chandi and tim ice cream

chandi and tim ice cream

And will continue reading Rising Strong by Brené Brown. Great book. Get it. When you’ve fallen or are on an unclear path, she’ll help guide you back to your true self.

You know deep down in your happiest moments what a treasure you are to the universe and all of us. We’re so glad you were born. We’re so glad you live and breathe. Your mere presence IS your purpose! So thank you.

Thank you for reading. Have a lovely, LOVELY day!