I’ve got a simple, beautiful, easy, beginner-level, but still-looks-fancy-like-you-really-know-what-you’re-doing Spiral Crochet Scarf Pattern for you. And it’s free! Who doesn’t love a free pattern? YAY!

My mom designed this pattern and made a scarf out of each of my Spectrum wools for you.  (They have long sold out, I’m afraid, but all of our current worsted weight yarns are here and two skeins will do the trick.)

I’m calling it “Through the Spectrum.” I’ll be posting pictures of all the different options, but for now, here is the scarf in PEACOCK DEWDROP (sold out).

spiral crochet scarf pattern free

free crocheted scarf pattern peacock

It hangs in a spiral like this:

free ruffly crocheted scarf pattern


Here I’ve got it curled up all fancy like, but when worn, it hangs open like the photo directly above…


free spiral crocheted scarf pattern


My mom is a DEAR! We’re talking, ANGEL, GODDESS, adorable, loving, wonderful little bird of a flower pod. And I tell her everyday!  We talk all the time about our current crochet projects. She’s, in fact, the one who taught me how to crochet, way back when I was 9 years old! LOVE YOU, Mama Pumpkin Flower!!  (We get a bit gooey with the lovey dovey names!)


Get the pattern HERE.

And now for some more beautiful scarf photos. Here it is wound into a flower looking thing. So pretty!

spiral spectrum crochet scarf pattern

ruffled crocheted scarf pattern tutorial

And again stretched out, like it will hang when worn:

free crochet scarf instructions how to

So there you have it. A gorgeous, delicious spiral crochet scarf pattern fo’ free, baby! Woo ya!

So let me know what you think of this! Are you a scarf maker?

Until next time…

Yours in yarny bliss,