Is this hat pattern not ADORABLE?

My friend Tara, of Mamachee Patterns designed it using my Superwash Pearlescent Merino/Silk Worsted Weight Yarn.

It comes in 3 sizes: Child, toddler and adult.

I just love the combination of stitches she used. It has a wee bit of a slouch too!

You can grab the pattern here.

The yarn colorway she used was Malachite, available here, but any skein from this category would work, if that colorway isn’t available.

malachite chandi pearlescent merino silk worsted yarn

I hope you love it! I’ve made some of her patterns and they are well-written, easy to follow and she has LOADS of them, which you’ll see while browsing her wildly popular etsy shop.

We used to go to knit night together in Fairbanks, Alaska and finally teamed up on this project for you. Woop!

Have fun crocheting!