Whew! So my $1000 givewaway for this 2013 holiday season is now officially OVER!

The winners will be emailed shortly and the money sent to your Paypal account. 10 winners, $100 each. Woop woop!

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered! Over 25,000 entries. Whoo hoo!

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In other news, I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of what else is going on, so you’re all caught up!

List of Random Updates:

1. If you’d like to order anything from the shop, please do so by December 26th. December 27th is the final day of shipping before we close down for a couple weeks. (No worries, we’ll be starting back up mid-January!)

2. The big day! Yes, it’s coming up… the wedding! It’s in a matter of weeks, practically DAYS. I am super excited! It’s in Maui, on the beach, and I’m wearing a HUGE, ridiculous, ball gown, dream dress. Cannot wait to show you the pictures! My boo is gonna look smokin’ in a shimmering navy suit. HELLO! Woof!! Woof!!!

3. As such, I have been tanning, working out (weight-lifting and cardio) almost every day! Here I am slaying my biceps at the gym:


Go me! Bahahha!

I decided to scrap all diets (I never stick to them anyway) and just listen to my body. So before I eat anything, I ask my body what it wants, in order to look like the ideal image I have in my head. And then I know.

It’s kinda brilliant. I am losing weight steadily each day (only 1 lb away from my goal weight!) and eating everything I want. Sometimes that just means a couple salmon patties, some tapioca, and chocolate truffles. Ha ha! Somedays I pig out and I’ll eat an egg white omelet with whipped cream, coconut shrimp soup, chicken and veggies for dinner and a small ice cream for supper. Then a tortilla with cheese for a snack… or whatever.

Oh, and I’ve been whitening my teeth with Crest 3D strips… ow. Kinda painful when you suck in cold air the next day, but it subsides!

4. I have TONS of new products coming in the new year for you! (Wow, I am totally jumping around from topic to topic today! Too much coffee, perhaps? I got a new Keurig!) Thick and thin bulky yarn, luxury loop yarn, alpaca, silk, yak, camel, wool, bamboo, blends! Fibers! Rovings! Batts! Colors so rich and saturated and ridiculous that you’ll literally gasp with glee! At least I hope so. Ha ha!! Seriously. I have TONS upon TONS upon SCADS of new stuff in the works for you, in every shade of the rainbow. So you can be drooling until then. HA HA! Funnnn stuff!!!

5. I have finished a TON of projects, but can’t show them all to you until after Christmas. Gifts, ya know. So you’ll have to wait, but I had my boo take official photos of them all and we’ll be getting those put up, along with all the pertinent deets for each item, so you know what I did. OHHhhhh! Really exciting. So be on the lookout for those pictures and details!

6. I appreciate you, I am so glad you’re still here reading this, and I am wishing you a VERYYYYY Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! If you celebrate another holiday, then I hope it’s INCREDIBLY happy, meaningful and heart-warming for you.

If you find yourself sad, alone or disappointed this holiday season, just know you’re not the only one. Sooo many people feel that way, but you know what? That feeling will pass. Better times will come. Your heart will feel joy again! Even if you can’t see it or feel it right now.

I LOVE YOU and APPRECIATE YOU and am right now sending you comforting vibes over the internet… bzzz… bzzz… Can you feel them yet? They’re coming. 😉 Bzzzz bzzzz…

Enjoy each moment that you can, be blessed, and let’s look forward to an exciting, expansive, thrilling, fulfilling and magnificent New Year!


Much love from me…


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