Woo wee!! I’ve been working on some NEW sock yarn for AGES now! Finally it’s getting listed!
•Chameleon Color Shift wool (slowwwwly changes colors!)
•SOOOO soft… merino wool. Superwash/machine-washable
•A fat and hefty 437 yards/ 400 m / 3.5 oz / 100 g
•Did I mention SOFT?
•10% off for 2 or more!
•Free shipping for US orders of $50 or more!
•LIMITED EDITION! Once gone, it’s gone.

OHH! I hope you love it. Seriously… I have so many more colors of this Chameleon wool sock yarn to get listed for you, so please do enjoy and stay tuned!

(If you don’t see it listed when you click, it’s sold out! Eek!)

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superwash blue wool sock yarn