I stopped by my yarn studio the other night, unlocked the door, stepped in and heard “Kshhhh!!!!”

What on earth? As it turned out, a pipe had frozen and busted and when it warmed back up, water began gushing out of it and flooded the entire building with several inches of water… Paint in the downstairs walls and ceiling (and yes, my studio) was bubbled and dripping.

It was raining in my studio. It was like a huge, shallow swimming pool.

I shut the water off and immediately called several people (my brother and the guy who takes care of the place) and they arrived with shop vacs within minutes.

As I waded through my dyeing kitchen in my soaked house slippers, and looked at my studio which my sis and I so carefully designed a few months ago, I wasn’t sure what to think. It all felt scary and crazy and unreal. But… sort of exciting…somehow?

flooded yarn studio

Fast forward a couple days… insurance is covering it all and we’ve already had the mitigation crew come in, dry up as much water as possible and now fans and dehumidifiers are running.

Studio now looks like this:

empty yarn studio

(NO yarn was damaged so WOO HOO for that!)

As such, EVERYTHING had to be moved to the dry half of the upstairs so I spent Friday organizing, setting up my shipping station, etc. It all feels kinda fresh and exciting. There is still much to be organized as you can see!

yarn studio upheaval

I love it when life throws a curve ball and positive changes occur as a result.  This has already produced miraculous, positive changes in me and in the business. AND for the building owners! Everything will be restored, better than before!

December has been the month of craziness.

First I got really sick, ran out of dyes due to so many orders coming in from my Black Friday sale, couldn’t ship orders in the usual swift manner, etc, etc, got super depressed from various things, including the near-perpetual darkness and extreme cold here in North Pole…

A lady rear-ended my beautiful car (pearl white Jeep Grand Cherokee, my dream car), resulting in $4200 worth of damage (insurance is totally covering it), relationship issues were arising for me, my boyfriend’s car went capoot and then the flooding.


I saw a quote by Deepak Chopra on facebook today, which says, “All great changes are preceded by chaos.”

WOO! I agree, I agree! Changes are happening!

So what does all this mean?


1. SALESI have an ungodly amount of yarn odds n ends. Egads. Having to move it all Thursday showed me that. It’s gonna be listed in the discount section of the shop and sent to new homes, where it can be properly loved and used!

So I’ll let you know. This should start next week!

(AND… maybe I have a boatload of new products already listed in the shop, just not visible yet.. I KNOW! The suspense! All will be revealed in the New Year!!! Hang tight!)

2. All dyeing is currently being put on hold. Well, I CAN still dye, but my dyeing kitchen will soon be ripped up by the sheetrock crew and I’m unsure how much time I’ll be able to spend in there. Not to mention the entire building is like a steamy SHOWER already and I don’t want to add more moisture into the air.

AS SUCH, I’ve typed in the correct inventory amount for each colorway and as they sell out, they are (for now) out of stock. As I can start dyeing again, I’ll add more in. I actually think this is a great idea because I’ll be able to ship more quickly. Whereas before, I kept most things in stock, but if you ordered 1 skein I had to dye, then your entire order would be delayed.

So you can shop for now with what’s in stock and then next week, be looking for all the new items to begin to show up. WOOOOO!!!!

3. LESSONS LEARNEDWe don’t grow by just sitting and having everything go perfectly in our lives. That’s how we stagnate.

I awoke the other night and heard these words in my head, “Our emotions are determined by our thoughts. And our thoughts are within our control.” Whoa. Boom. I knew that already, but it came at a perfect time.

External events are not good or bad in and of themselves; only our thinking makes them so. 

I realized very clearly that I could choose to look on all these events as bad. Or I could choose to look on them as good. I chose this time, to look on them all as GOOD. I have been actively saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I have been feeling joy in my heart, KNOWING that the Universe provides what I want and need and that tremendous positive changes are occurring. And what we focus on grows. What we focus on grows. 

Already relationship issues for me are being healed; in ways I didn’t know possible. The insurance process for both my car and the building has been effortless, swift and actually enjoyable.

And through it all, I’ve learned to really and completely LOVE myself and know I deserve all good things. And that, yes, these events ARE good things. All is most definitely well and I haven’t been happier in years. Possibly… ever.

So all is as it should be.

Have an enjoyable day, dear friend, and thank you for reading!


What helpful methods do you use when events don’t go the way you planned?