Yesterday marked Day 1 of my week-long England adventure with the girls, and do I have some things to tell you!
First, you must promise to read this whole blog post with an English accent. I can assure you, I’m well in the swing of things and am now typing this with an English accent. 🙂

So I’ll just begin.

Pre-travel things:

1. Here we are all excited, ready to fly out!

london traveling

2. We saw this. HAHA! Oh, Alaska. I love you.

ulu knife sign knitting blog

3. Before we boarded our flight, I had begun knitting the hat you see at the top: (The black stripes are alpaca and the rest is falkland wool).

And we set off on our adventure!

So now for actual travel updates:

1. I am almost out of knitting. My hand spun, hand-knitted hat is nearly finished and I’ve just arrived. Maybe I should start knitting really, reallllyyy slowwlllyyyy. Or find a yarn shop. Or resort to cutting up plastic bags into strips and knitting with those. (The pattern is one I’m making up as I go, in case you’re wondering). I’ve opted for blogging instead of knitting right now, as you can tell. What happens after this, nobody knows.

hand knitted hat

2. I’m awake at 2 am, when I should be sleeping. In my defense, it is 5 PM back home in Alaska.

3. England is just like a book or a movie. I feel like a Jane Austen character. Really, all the houses and little villages and green, rolling hills are just too perfect and picturesque!!

english building

green rolling english hills

4. Some interesting things I’ve learned since being here:

-Don’t tell a girl she has nice bangs. If you mean her hair, say fringe. If you mean something else, then go ahead and say bangs, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

-Young guys say nice things when you need your bag lifted down, like “Would you care for a hand?” I thought, “Well, I already have two, but sure!”

-The buildings here are perfect. Old and historic, many of them, made of stone and brick, with cool wavy tiles on the roof.

-Everything seems so similar, yet so different.

-We drive on the left side of the road, drivers are on the right side of the cars, large trucks are called “lorries,” there are cool zig zag markings on the road, which mean don’t stop, the roads are much more narrow than back home, people drive fast, and there are lots of round abouts and signs that say neat things, like GIVE WAY (instead of Yield), No Hard Shoulder (I have no idea what that means) and WAY OUT (meaning exit). And one said THINK BIKE. THINK BIKER. That made me stop and think about bikers for sure, but what exactly was I supposed to think? Oh, I get it now. Nevermind. If you see a bike, keep in mind it’s a human being on there. Okay, okay. I’m good.

-You have to pump the toilet to get it to flush. WEIRD! But I like it!

And much more. I’m sure I’ll come up with more to tell you as the days roll on.

Seems like I had so much more to tell you! I’m sure it will all come to me.

Oh, yes here are what Euros look like (which we don’t need anymore, as we’ve canceled our Paris trip)

picture of euros And here are English pounds:

british pounds picture of money

Very cool, eh?

Alrighty, then. Until next time!!

Enjoy your day! Count your blessings and remember to never give up on your dreams! They could be just around the corner.

Peace & Light


P.S. Here I am riding on the airport train thingy. I’m easily amused.


And here was the really wide airplane, on which we had two free, DELICIOUS meals, free headphones, free movies and tv and music and just a jolly good time:


Alrighty then. Over and out.