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“Peace is found in the simplicity of a quiet moment, when all distractions fade and truth reveals itself; that all is well. Deep down, we know…all is well.”

Just a quick post to let you know that, as promised, I am starting to list all the new products in the shop.

First up is my Juicy Bounce Sock Yarn in CRAZY CHAOS:

Sometimes life can feel a little crazy; even chaotic. We have to find those moments of stillness and solitude to recharge, to calm and to make sense of it all.

CRAZY CHAOS is a jumbled mix of raspberry, hunter green, grape purple and subtle hints of pale gray. These shades blend and flow seemingly chaoticly, with lighter versions of each throughout. Although a messy mix, there is a reason and a rhyme to it all, just like in life.

-Juicy Bounce Sock Yarn is a blend of Superwash Wool (so you can machine-wash it!) and 10% Nylon (which adds strength and durability to your projects. Great for socks.)

-It’s 4-ply, which makes for a nice, plump, round yarn (which causes each beautiful stitch to pop!)

-100 g/3.5 oz = 350 yards = Enough yarn to make a medium pair of women’s socks

-7-8 St/inch on US 1-2

LIMITED EDITION. We only have a few skeins of this available and once sold out, it’s gone for good!

I hope you have a wonderful week! I have lots to share with you, so stay tuned!

Peace & Light