Free Sona Cabled Crocheted Hat Pattern – 2 Sizes!

Hello, fellow crocheter! Welcome to the blog, I say. Welcome!

We have for you today a fabulous little hat pattern that comes in 2 adult sizes! These make amazing and easy gifts or just whip one up for yourself.

This pattern is designed for use with 1 skein of our Dewy Dk yarn in colorway: SOLITUDE. Choose any color you like, though. 1 skein is needed per hat. If making both sizes, you’ll need 2 skeins.

SOLITUDE - superwash dewy dk yarn by expression fiber arts


HOOK: You’ll need a US […]

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Barristan Beanie – Free Unisex Knitted Hat Pattern

Hello, my lovely!

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We have a new hat pattern for you! Check out this awesome, free, unisex cabled hat pattern that fits nearly all adults (it’s super stretchy), using just one skein of CashSilk Sock yarn. Introducing the Barristan Beanie.

This pattern is designed for use with skein of our dreamy CashSilk sock yarn in colorway: Still of the Night. Choose any colorway you like, though. You can also substitute any fingering weight yarn you like (our Resilient sock yarn for example), […]

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Apple Orchard Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Don’t you just love a beautiful crochet cardigan pattern? They are not as readily available as knitted versions, so we really hope you love this one.

Introducing the Apple Orchard Cardigan.

Notes From the Designer:

•A cozy cardigan with a row of geometric cables along each side. 

This sweater is made using two strands of Pearlescent Fingering Weight yarn held together. This would be gorgeous made into a gradient sweater! Use various colors to blend and fade into one another.

•This is worked from the top down.

•The pattern is […]

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A Hint of Spice Knitted Pullover Pattern!

Hi, my fabulous fiber friend!

We have a gorgeous new sweater pattern for you:

A Hint of Spice!

This beautiful and comfy pullover pattern was designed for you by Emily Walton and it’s an intermediate level pattern. Nothing too complex.
A Hint of Spice Knitted Pullover Pattern - expression fiber arts A Hint of Spice Knitted Pullover Pattern - expression fiber arts A Hint of Spice Knitted Pullover Pattern - expression fiber arts

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October November 2017 HUGE Yarn Giveaway!

Happy day! It’s time for another gorgeous HUGE yarn giveaway!

Take a gaze at these lovelies and make sure to enter.




  1. Enter via Rafflecopter below
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And that’s it!


-Worldwide entries welcome

-After entering, click BRING YOUR FRIENDS and if/when they sign up, you’ll get more entries. Woop!

-Danielle Wright won last month’s giveaway! Congrats, Danielle!

Alright, I will shush now so you can enter and drool over all these luxurious, beautiful, hand-dyed skeins!

Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter now! HUGE Expression Fiber Arts [...]</p srcset=

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How to Twist a Hank / Skein of Hand-Dyed Yarn!

Hey, my lovely!

Have you ever gotten a skein of gorgeous hand-dyed yarn only to be unable to re-twist it properly?

Well, you are in luck! Today I am showing how to re-twist your hank! Woop woop!

Grab a skein of yarn and let’s get started!

This is a super handy technique to know if you’ll be buying any amount of hand-dyed yarn, so you can keep your skeins nice and tidy on the shelf.

Leave your skeins in the twisted hank format until you are ready to cast on your project. Then you’ll need to wind them into balls before beginning. […]

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Catia Crochet Pullover Pattern

A beautiful new crochet pullover pattern design for you! Introducing CATIACatia Crochet Pullover Pattern Catia Crochet Pullover Pattern Catia Crochet Pullover Pattern

A comfy, oversized design for cozying up in during chilly weather and relaxing by the fire!Catia Crochet Pullover Pattern Catia Crochet Pullover Pattern

Why You’ll Love this Sweater Pattern:

I have always loved slouchy and […]

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Tadaima Knitted Cardigan Pattern

I love the Japanese call and response that takes place when someone returns home at the end of the day. If someone else is already at home, they usually greet the returnee with the phrase, “okaerinasai,” or just “okaeri,” which is usually translated as “welcome home,” or “welcome back.” The returnee answers with, “tadaima,” which usually translates as “I’m home,” or “I’m back.” It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it in English, but I love the sentiment. I named this pattern Tadaima because, to me, wearing it is like being greeted upon returning home at […]

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Simple Things in Life – Free Knitted Scarf Pattern

Hello, my fabulous fiber friend! So glad you’re here!

I hope you are ready for another freeee pattern because I have one for ya.

Introducing the FREE Simple Things in Life Knitted Scarf Pattern! Ready to just get started? DOWNLOAD THE PDF here by adding to your cart and completing checkout. Absolutely no charge, of course. 

This pattern is designed for use with 2 skeins of our Pearlescent Worsted yarn in colorway: Sea Breeze. Choose any color you like, though. You’ll need US Size 11 (8.00 mm) needles.

The yarn is […]

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Global Connections Poncho – Crochet Pattern!

Howdy doo! Welcome to the blog!

I am so excited to show you this new crocheted poncho pattern we have for you.

Introducing the Global Connections Poncho. Download the pattern in PDF format here.

This lil’ cuddly, puddly beauty was designed for us by Kristina Smiley and features our Alpaca Silk Dk yarn in colorway: Pewter. Colors come and go quickly, so any will work!
Global Connections Crochet Poncho Pattern Global Connections Crochet Poncho Pattern

Luxurious. Comfy. Versatile. – “It’s like […]

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