Well, it happened.

I was sitting there all innocent-like in my living room one day, minding my own business, when it hit me:

The idea to weave a scarf with this Spilled Wine yarn.

It had to be done.

I raced up the stairs.

Hauled my 25″ Schacht flip loom (and 10 dpi heddle) out of my tiny craft room.

Plopped down in the middle of the living room floor and proceeded to warp my loom.

By the next day, it was done. And THAT… is why I love weaving. It gets the job done and fasssst.

weave a scarf

I took it out on a picnic lunch with my boo, for the fourth of July and it was heavenly to use.

Snuggly. Cozy. Not too warm, not too cool. Just right.

A bit funky. Elegant. Soft.

It “melts” into a beautiful puddle of fabric.

how to weave a scarf

And no, I did not make my hat. Got it at Old Navy.

hand made scarf pattern

spilled wine scarf woven

yarn scarf pattern

We made a new friend:

spilled wine yarn

He got bored with our conversation and waddled off.

The yarn is my Spilled Wine, dyed onto my now-sold-out jumbo skein of merino wool, alpaca and silk all blended together.

I currently have this gorgeous color available in our Yak-Silk lace weight yarn. Always a popular and well-loved yarn. I’ve used that yarn base to weave with in the past and it works well also. (You’ve got to have a nice sturdy yarn to warp with or it’ll break and the whole thing  gets all kerfuffled.)

This colorway sells out every time we list it. So populah.

I gave the scarf a bit of a wash and allowed to air dry and voila. Easy. Done. Perfection. Happy me. It’s about 14″ x 70″.

Another thing I love about weaving is that it doesn’t hurt your wrists. If you ever find your hands/arms/wrists hurting from too much knitting or crocheting, then you definitely should give weaving a try! It’s fantastic! I spent years debating on if I needed another hobby and am so glad I finally took the plunge.

How I Learned to Weave

Craftsy! I took their Rigid Heddle Weaving class and Beyond the Basics and loved them both.

Does it bother you that I left the fringes different lengths on each side?

spilled wine woven scarf pattern

So if you’ve thought about weaving, go ahead and give it a try. Not sure where to get a loom?

You can ask your local yarn store or do a quick google search!  I got mine at Paradise Fibers.

I also have a Cricket loom which is ideal to start with if you aren’t quite sure you need a larger loom and Craftsy sells those. (af link)

Also, on the moving front…

We appreciate all the supportive and sweet comments and messages coming in about our move!

Here are a few updates for you.

1. We haven’t packed a thing. I started to…and then stopped. It’ll get done.

2. We’re really low on certain dye colors and yarn bases so have been selling what we have. Once moved, we’ll get in loads of new goodies! I’m talking with several yarn mills right now, and hope to soon have a custom luxury sock yarn for you! Fingers crossed!

3. We leave in 3.5 weeks.

4. If you missed my post about it, you can find that here.

5. We’re excited but enjoying each day we have left here.

6. I’ve been doing wayyyyy more yarn dyeing than usual and had a few moments last week of thinking I couldn’t go on. But I went on! After a long nap, some coffee and Johnny Depp in Chocolat. Love that movie.

I’m already thinking about fall colors for you and will be listing some richer, darker shades this week, including some jewel tones.

So stay tuned.

THANKS for reading! Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you?

Well, I do.

Until next time,

Over and out.



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