Hey, lovies.

A new pattern for you by yours truly. This little beauty just… happened.

I was wandering through my yarn room one day and these various shades just popped out at me and told me to make them into something. So. I did!

I didn’t have any idea what it would look like when finished, so it just emerged as I went and here it is!

The colors are very peacock-like so I am calling it: The Peacock Path Crochet Shawl.

Peacock Path crochet shawl pattern

Although, if you look at the purple section, it resembles little alien heads. Haha! An unexpected surprise!

Peacock Path crochet shawl pattern

It’s really quite puddly and drapey and flowy, which I love, but also snuggly.

Peacock Path crochet shawl pattern

You could continue on repeating the pattern and end up with a blanket if you like. How cool would that be? Very.

All the details, including the yarn I used, etc, is available HERE for you.

I hope you enjoy etttt!

Have a great day.