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The Traveler Hat and Mitten Set – Crochet Pattern

A new pattern for you, lovelies!

Crochet this time. Stay tuned for a knit version or see our other patterns here if you don’t crochet.

This is an adorable slouch or beanie hat, depending on how you wear it. And a set of flip-top mittens. Even the little thumb flips back. Such a cutie it is. the-traveler-hat-and-mitt-set-crochet-pattern-lookbook-3

These were designed for us by Kristina Smiley and I must say, I’m so impressed. Her designs are just beautiful and so well-thought out.

This pattern has been thoroughly tested (we usually have around 5-15 testers for each pattern now before it goes live on the site).

If you want to skip ahead and just download the pattern, it’s available HERE.


This is a great pattern to wear everyday, in a variety of temperatures. Also be sure to pack it for all those winter travels! the-traveler-hat-and-mitt-set-crochet-pattern-lookbook-5

You’ll need 2 colors of yarn. Shown is 1 skein of our Shakespeare Luster Sport yarn and 1 skein of Vintage Gray Luster Sport yarn. 1 skein of each makes the set. Most sport weight yarns will work.the-traveler-hat-and-mitt-set-crochet-pattern-lookbook-6Can I tell you how many tries it took to get that glitter to show up and look decent? Lots! I am not the world’s greatest glitter blower. 😀
the-traveler-hat-and-mitt-set-crochet-pattern-lookbook-9 the-traveler-hat-and-mitt-set-crochet-pattern-lookbook-10 the-traveler-hat-and-mitt-set-crochet-pattern-lookbook-11 the-traveler-hat-and-mitt-set-crochet-pattern-lookbook-1

Anyhoo. More info is here for you. Do enjoy!


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