“Can we GO yet?”

Every time we’d go out to eat, my parents would inevitably sit and sip their coffee for ages afterward.

They were both avid coffee drinkers. I, at the young age of 10, just didn’t get it. Ewww. It was bitter and nasty!

A morning didn’t go by without the pot brewing, filling the house with that delicious smell. Funny how coffee smells good even to those who hate the taste.

I don’t remember how I started drinking coffee as an adult. But once I discovered you could put milk into it and it turned into a miraculously tasty treat, I was hooked.

During the few years I lived with my brother (and his wife and their 3 kids and my sister’s son and the Boston Terrier, Tinkerbell), everyoooneee of us drank coffee like it was going out of style. (Except for Tinkerbell. But I did catch her on the table once licking the butter dish.)

At one point there were…. 5 coffee pots in the house. Or 7. I think. It was a lot.

The days consisted of dragging myself from the warmth of the covers (oh, Alaska), stuffing myself into something warm and trodding downstairs into the kitchen for my first cup.

Wait a few hours. Have another cup.

Wait a few hours. Have another cup.

Oh, everybody’s getting home from work? Let’s have coffee by the fire!

Time to head to bed? Grab some decaf!

Now, I drink one to two cups of decaf a day and that is it.

Caffeine makes me go: BUUURSlkdfjsaldf;lkkj BOOPPP ;a;lksdf;ljasd BOOP BOOP BOOP;lkjsal;dsfjaa..asfkjd blah blah bah blah eeee! eee!!!! boing going boing boing gerrrrr berrrrr what?????

I can’t handle it really. So I avoid it as much as possible.

But oh that delicious bitter brew with a splash of whole milk is just the ticket to brightening up any day!

And each cup reminds me of my mom. My dad. My brother. My sister. My sister in law. All my nieces and nephews. My extended family. Hubby Tim. Cozy times spent in coffee shops, blogging. Warm mornings curled up by the fire, avoiding going out into the snow.

Coffee is love. Coffee is warmth. Coffee is meditative. Coffee is miraculous.

But back to the pattern.

Whether you love coffee or (gasp!) don’t find it tasty, I sure hope you find this pattern tasty.

Here’s the scoop:

cabled coffee lovers knitted cowl pattern

Cabled Coffee Lovers Knitted Cowl Pattern

This pattern is designed for use with 3 skeins of our Pearlescent Superwash Merino Wool Mulberry Silk Worsted Weight yarn in colorway: Melted Chocolate. If unavailable when you click over, 3 skeins of any Pearlescent Worsted Weight yarn will do the trick. You need a total of 12 oz (660 yd) and size US 10 (6.0 mm) 32″ circular needles or longer.

cabled coffee lovers knitted cowl pattern

cabled coffee lovers knitted cowl pattern

Why You’ll Adore This Cabled Coffee Lovers Cowl:

•It looks more complex than it is. You only work one type of cable throughout.

•Intermediate level. Gorgeous, yet doable. This would be a great project on which to learn cables!

•Easy to memorize. 

•Size can be adjusted. Want to make a smaller or larger cowl? No problem. Just adjust the number of stitches you cast on, follow the pattern as written and you’ll be good to go.

•Wonderful for gift-giving. Who wouldn’t love receiving this cuddly wonder? Whether or not someone is a coffee lover, they are sure to love this cowl.

•Everyday-wearable. Don’t you love finished objects that you can just throw on with anything? Make in a great neutral shade to match most of your items or if you’re feeling frisky, go bold and rock it out with something wild! Whatever makes your heart sing.

cabled coffee lovers knitted cowl pattern

cabled coffee lovers knitted cowl pattern

cabled coffee lovers knitted cowl pattern

And there you have it, darling!!

I hope you LOVE it.

Download the pattern here and see my other patterns here.

Andddd. Have a fabulous day because… today is all we have!