Years ago, when I was first learning to knit, I made this lovely wrap for my mom.

It’s a simple and elegant knitting pattern and wonderful as a Mother’s Day gift.

It was easy and comforting to make and it just flowed from my fingers.

I was in a distraught/hopeless/self-loathing/regretful rough patch of my life emotionally and every stitch was just a tiny, soothing act of love.

She adored it, of course.

I’ve long forgotten the yarn I used. It was pre-Expression Fiber Arts days so isn’t any of my mine but was a soft and lumpy bumpy pink, green, white hand-dyed wool. Lovely stuff.

free easy knitting shawl wrap pattern mother of pearl

I remembered it in a random turn of events. I was sitting here in my loft drinking coffee, thinking how I wanted to blog today and no topics were coming to mind.

And this knitted wrap popped into my head. ‘YES, I thought. I should finally share that wrap pattern.’

Isn’t it fantastic?

I love shawls and wraps and a basic rectangle wrap is sooo delightful and enjoyable to wear. Just wrap it around!

But since I don’t have this yarn to offer you, I thought I’d recreate the pattern in one of my yarns for you.

So a new pattern is in the works for you! I’ll give the exact stitch count and all that once we have photos of the final wrap, but at least you can get a hint of what it’s going to look like.

It’s going to be in this colorway called Mother of Pearl. It’ll pop on the scene from time to time. If you want to be notified when it’s listed, just sign up for my email newsletter. 

mother of pearl merino silk worsted yarn efa

It’s dyed onto my luscious, oh my gosh, pearlescent worsted weight yarn which is a mix of super fine merino wool (superwash) and mulberry silk. It’s just delicious in every way. A plump, smooth single ply. It’s so soft. I’ve long wanted to offer this type of yarn base in a convenient 4 oz size and finally found a mill that could custom spin it for me. It’s definitely one of my favorites. You’ll be seeing lots of patterns using this yarn.

In other news, I know I’ve been rather quiet lately in the ‘personal’ department, but all is going well!

The hubs and I are nicely settled into Charlotte and just loving it. It’s. So. WARM and sunny. Even throughout the winter, I kept marveling at the beautiful weather.

And it rains just enough for us to have our cozy, let’s-read-in-the-sunroom kinda days. Is it ironic we like to spend rainy days in the sunroom?

There’s just loads of shopping.

Traffic is not bad at all. Which is essential for me. I am a bit terrified of driving. All those cars whizzing past so fast! I just don’t like it. Makes me a nervous wreck. So decent traffic is definitely a plus!

And all the amazing food joints! I could go on and on. Some of my favorites, in case you ever visit are:

.Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. It’s got sushi. And burgers. And burgushi…burger ingredients in sushi. All of it scrumptious. Their crab rangoon dip is insannne.

.Cabo Fish Taco – amazing and fresh and so popular.

.The Original Pancake House – YUM! I’m a sucker for breakfast foods.

.Basil and Bahn Thai – Thai food is one of my favorites. Curry? Yes, please! Pad Thai? Oh yessss.

.Cajun Yard Dog – their creamy grits and red beans and rice are to die for. Yums.

And lots more.

I also love the vibe and energy here. It’s so chill. Calm. Relaxed. Southern. Easyyyy.

So life is great overall.

We’re finally getting a bunch of the loose ends tidied up from moving. There are a ton of things that have to be done when you move to a new state! Gosh. Car registrations, new drivers licences, rebuying basically everything, including a car since we gave away practically all we owned before leaving Alaska… not to mention all the business stuff of getting legally setup here. Whew! It’s all good. I may have had a few freakout moments of not knowing what to do, but if I’ve learned anything, it’s to just take it all one thing at a time and you know what? It gets done. Another night falls. Another day comes. Things work out and life keeps marching on.

And it’s all good.

I read a quote randomly a few months ago in a book… can’t even remember exactly where or when or what or who, but it really changed my life.

It said that no matter what happens in life or how great the struggle becomes, life is always worth it and is such a treasure and a blessing.

This struck me as odd as I’ve tended to be a giver-upper. The minute something goes wrong, I think the world is ending and it’s just not worth trying anymore.

The minute someone doesn’t like my product, I think my business is over. The minute I feel fat from overeating, I think I’ll always feel that way. Whenever I experience terror or sadness or even joy and elation, I think I’ll always feel that way.

And I’ve learned to let all that go. No matter what happens… no matter how hard things seem in the moment… no matter how heart-broken we are, or stressed out we are… just gently reminding ourselves that life is STILL worth it and there is a brighter, happier day coming, can literally turn the day around.

It’s made a HUGE impact in my life and my level of fear and anxiety has dissipated tremendously.

Every little bit helps!

It’s a sunny day here so I’m off to sew a bit. Working on some quilts, which I’ll show you soon.

Have a wonderful day, just because I said. Ha ha!

And be on the lookout for this pattern in a month or so!