How to Crochet For Beginners – Half Double Crochet – hdc – Bonus, Cup Cozy Pattern!

Today’s video tutorial is all about the half double crochet!

This is the second in my video series on how to crochet, so if you missed the first video where I explained how to do a slip knot, chain and single crochet, here is the link for that:

You’ll see the half double crochet abbreviated as hdc in patterns. It’s very easy and you can make all kinds of things with this stitch!

If you follow along with me in the video, by the end you’ll have made an adorable little cup cozy (or a sleeve, whatever you want to call it) that you can take with you to Starbucks and use instead of their paper ones, or you can use it on your favorite cup at home. It also works as a cuff bracelet!

Okay, grab a hook… I’m using a size H today, and some worsted weight yarn. The link for the yarn in the video is here:

This is a slow-color-changing yarn that I carry in my shop… if you don’t see it at the link, it has sold out. But any worsted weight yarn will do.

You’ll also need a darning needle for sewing your ends together and weaving in all the tails.

So let’s do this thang!

Have a look-see at the video and I’ll see you on the other side!


Alright, I hope you enjoyed the video and that it was clear!

Crocheting is so super fun and really quite easy! You can whip out projects really quickly once you get the hang of it.

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Thank you SO much!

Feel free to comment below with any video ideas you have for the future and I’ll add them to my “to do” list. Thanks a bunch!