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Today’s lesson shows you how to do a double crochet stitch! This is one of the most commonly-used crochet stitches and it’s essential you know how to do this stitch if you want to be a crocheter.

It’s really similar to the half double crochet that we learned in the previous lesson, with just a wee bit of a difference. You’ll see what I mean.

If you stick with me through the video and follow along, you’ll have an adorable little headband you can wear. 🙂 Or give it away as a gift and smile with satisfaction that YOU made it all by your wittle self!

What You’ll Need:

-A US size H hook (or similar… a G or I will work too)
-Worsted Weight yarn (here is the link for this particular yarn which I carry in my shop…
… if you don’t see it listed there, it has sold out… my colors sell quickly and I have a fast-turning inventory so if you see anything you must have, you have to grab it quickly.)
-A darning needle for the final bit of the project – these are really cheap and come in handy ALL the time when crocheting or knitting, so it’s great to have one on hand.
-Scissors, of course, to cut your lil’ tails.

Okay, go ahead and watch through and get the feel for the double crochet stitch… I’m assuming you’ve watched my first video on how to work a slip knot and a chain, but if not and you need help with those, you can watch that video here.

And here’s the half double crochet video I mention in the film:


So there you have it!

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