Something wasn’t right.

I had just tried on my almost-finished Cowl Cami I’d been making and something felt “off.”

It sagged weirdly in the front but when I turned around, it looked lopsided in the back.

I couldn’t quite make sense of it.

And then I saw it. One of the straps was longer than the other. “What?!” I cried in despair.

“How could this be?”

Well, I’ll tell you how this could be. I miscounted the stitches at the beginning of the pattern, that’s what.

Such a beautiful, well-written pattern, with loads of helpful photos and links to videos and I STILL messed up. Egad.

I debated on what to do at this point, as one strap was only about 3/4 inch too long.

Fold it under and hope nobody noticed? No. Too obvious.

Cut it and sew it back together? Blasphemy! Speak no more on this.

Give up, proclaim I never make anything good, stuff it in a drawer, never to be seen again and throw a tantrum on the floor? Tempting. But no.

My wheedling little brain mulled it over. What to do, what to do.

Then BOOM. It hit me. Smack!

When weaving in the ends, “tighten” up the longer strap by cinching it a little more than the shorter strap. Bu-rilliant, I exclaimed in my head! Excellent work, Brain!

So I finished the top, tried my technique, plus used another little loose strand of the yarn to cinch up a little more of the strap, pinned it out to dry (I totally guessed on the strap length), kept my fingers crossed for 2 days, and then removed it from the cardboard…

And voila.

crocheted broomstick lace

Perfection itself.

I really want to tell you how amazingly delicious this finished piece is.

How drapey and exquisite the yarn is. Soft like butter, creamy like fresh cream from a warm cow’s udder, pouring over my body. Well. I get carried away.

broomstick lace crocheted pattern

And the pattern. It looks funny layed out, with the bust area being really slouchy, but it absolutely fits PERFECTLY.

Perfectly I tell you. It drapes, it fits, it feels delish. Ahhhh.

tank top pattern crochet

So for the specs:

PATTERN: Cowl Cami by Stitch Diva Studios

YARN: My delicious Luxe Yak-Silk (the colors sell out usually within hours so keep an eye for new shades appearing all the time!) This was colorway, FRESHWATER PEARL. I used 1 skein (WOO!) and held the yarn double. I made the XS size.


MODIFICATIONS: Well, let me tell ya. Once I got to the waist part, (you start from the top and work your way down), I skimmed through the rest of the pattern and then just winged it.

After every broomstick lace section, I’d work the next sc round and then try it on. And I just kept increasing or decreasing as need be to fit my body. Who knew?!? What a brilliant way to see if it’s ACTUALLY FITTING.

I’ve made a great many garments and virtually none of them have ever really fit. I would just start knitting or crocheting, with hope in my heart, and then wonder why they didn’t fit when I got done. Hello!

Do I recommend this pattern? 10x YES! SOOO much useful instruction. Pictures, video links, you name it.

It utilizes broomstick lace, which I had never tried before, so I was a little hesitant to try the pattern. Then I thought, HEY. Just do it. So I just did it.

It took me about a week to make this top, so I loved every stitch of it.

It looks so chic. So expensive! So sassy.

crocheted tank top pattern


Am I just wearing a black bra under it and nothing else? You said it, not me! Well, okay, I said it. And it’s true. Tacky? Maybe. I don’t care. Tacky is fun sometimes. And please IGNORE THE HAIR. Oh my gawd. I got it cut recently and no matter how I fix it, it’s horrible. Thank goodness hair grows. YAY!

And now for what’s new.

I am so wild about this top, that I’ve decided to make this Lotus Smock dress next:

lotus smock dress pattern example

It’s by Stitch Diva Studios again (she seriously has so many patterns that I feel I MUST make).

I am planning on using some of my new wool I dyed up over the weekend, in this gorgeous denim color. Isn’t it SICK? I know. I love it.

denim colored wool yarn

This is done in HAIRPIN lace, so another NEW technique for me. Holy goodness. I’m on a roll.

So thanks for reading! Be blessed, have a fantastic day. Do something for you. Knit. Crochet. Try a new technique. You know… πŸ˜€

Thanks for being so sweet and amazing. I haven’t been up to my usual self lately and my normal rule is to not write when feeling that way, but alas, I thought this time it might perk me up a bit to say hey and show you what I made. And it did. So thanks for reading.

I’ll keep you posted.