You may remember the gorgeous crocheted scarf pattern I showed you a few weeks ago, using our luscious Peacock Dewdrop wool yarn… Well, here is the same scarf pattern (just click that link if you’d like the pattern!) shown in our cutie patootie gradient TREE FROG colorway. (Sold out… see current shades here.)

crocheted scarf pattern free

My angel of a mother crocheted these all up for me and they are my treasures!

free crochet scarf pattern

I just HAD to show you these photos!

simple free crocheted scarf pattern

It’s a very simple (free!), curly, ruffly scarf pattern that anybody can do, beginner’s included!

beginner ruffled crochet scarf pattern

You can use almost any yarn weight or type!

easy ruffly crochet scarf pattern for free

These use 2 skeins. If you want more ruffles, just use more yarn and keep going! The pattern is adjustable, easy and enjoyable.

They are crocheted lengthwise so you can see the gorgeous long color gradations. Mmm. (Thanks, Ma!)

And I think I’m discovering how much I LOVE product photography.


Sooooo… let me know below what you think of this!

It’s a gorgeous sunny day here in Fairbanks, Alaska, so I’m off to go dye some yarn, (purple yak/silk: be on the lookout for lots of gorgeousness), ride my bike and watch a movie. I’ve been in a wee bit of a funk this week, so am gonna just enjoy this day!

Have a beautiful weekend…

Much love from me,



P.S. Again, here’s the pattern.