As I’ve put in a great many hours of knitting and crocheting and spinning in my lifetime (thousands upon thousands), a few things seem to recur… perhaps it’s just me, but I had to share:


1. WARPS TIME. Yes, indeedy. Have you ever had the experience where you sit down to knit a row (or crochet) and you look up and 3 hours have passed and it felt like 10 minutes? Happens to me all the time.

Or how about this: You work on your project until you’re blue in the face, for many agonizing hours (usually it’s those pesky patterns that make no sense that cause this) and then set down your work to realize 2 things. 1. You only achieved about a row’s worth of progress and 2. Only 10 minutes actually passed.

It’s weird, I tell you. Yarn has amazing time-warping abilities that I have yet to figure out!

2. MAKES YOU LOOK COOL. Have you ever sat down in a public place with your knitting or crocheting project and someone walks by and says, “What are you making?” Of course you have! It happens to us all! Yarn is a BRILLIANT conversation-opener!

Once asked, you can slide a small smirk on your face and proudly say, “Oh, I’m making an Estonian Lace Shawl.” *smirk. Or, if you’re like me and not into that fancy stuff, you can still show your crafting prowess by saying something like, “Oh, this is a scarf for my totally-appreciative, loving and supportive daughter/niece/granddaughter who worships the ground I walk on…And you are?” 😀 I’m kidding of course, but still. Yarn makes you LOOK COOL! And who doesn’t want to feel a little more snazzy and appreciated?

3. FEELS LIKE A FANTASY COME TRUE: Yarn might not be Prince Charming, but it sure has fantasy aspects… Nom nom nom! Can we all say soooofffftttt??? When you get your hands on the RIGHT kind of yarn, it can be AMAZING.

Merino wool… creamy and smooth and plump, like a voluptuous Renaissance maiden.

Mulberry silk? Like satiny ribbons of exotic cream pouring through your fingers.

Cashmere? Oh, casshhhmere, baby… come HITHER and let me ravage you with my hooks and needles! RAWR! Now you know the reasons I carry these fibers in my shop: Because they are Ah-mazing and truly carry you into a fantasy land of flushed-faced romance!

4. MAKES EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD LOOK BORING. I’m talkin’ about colors, baby!  OHHH! Can we all say Ahhhh and Ohhhh and Ummmmm… The colors are the most drizzling/drooling aspect of yarn to me…Every color imaginable can be had if you know where to find them! Jewel tones, pastel deliciousness, solids, semi-solids, variegated, multi-colors, gradient, hand-dyed, hand-painted, you name it! It’s ALL yummy to the tummy!

Everything else just seems to fade into non-existence and unimportance and yarn slowly begins to take over the world.

Or perhaps it’s just taking over my mind. Let’s not think about that. It’s already taking over my HOUSE for goodness sake. Not my mind too! :-/

Anyhoo, enough blithering about it all! Have a click on over to the shop to see what creations I’ve got going on right now! Please keep in mind that most of my products are limited edition. Meaning they are around while they last and then they are gone. Poof! It’s magic! I just don’t want you to be frustrated or disappointed if you don’t get the color you want…so when a new product is announced, it’s best not to wait. Some colors sell out within 24 hours, never to return, while some last several days/weeks/or even months. There is just no way to know!

So let me know in the comments below why YOU think yarn is the best thing EVER! I can’t wait to read your responses! And make sure to come back and read replies!

Much love from me…