“The moment you decide to walk your own path, to listen to the calling of your own heart, you will find true freedom; and thus peace; and then joy.”

Why do we knit or crochet?

I asked this question on facebook and loved the responses. They ranged from “Because it relaxes me” to “I enjoy watching the yarn turn into something beautiful” and more.

So I started thinking about it and I had one of those emotional life epiphany things and I’d like to share it with you, in the chance that you’ll relate and it will boost your day. There really is little that comes close to the joy of connecting with others who share your passion.

In my twenties I went through a rough time. A time of my own making, I admit, and have no one to blame but myself. But I was unhappy and felt like I was making all others around me unhappy.

I felt everyday as if my life was hopeless, I did no good in the world and even had suicidal thoughts. The idea of my poor lil mom hurting if I took my own life was one of the only things keeping me going.

I lived almost constantly in regret over past decisions that I couldn’t change. I begged God to reverse time. He didn’t.

When I wasn’t dwelling in regret over the past, I was living in despair over imagined future misery.

It was a time of consistent gut-stripping fear, boiling anger and deep, unbearable sadness.

I really don’t know how I got through each day, except to tell myself that I can at least get through this one day. If that was too much, I could at least get through the hour. If that seemed impossible, I’d tell myself to just get through this minute. When that became overwhelming, I’d just get through the next second. The next step. The next breath…

What I didn’t realize at the time, but now fully understand and utilize as often as I think about it is the power of now.  The deep, resonating peace that can only be found in focusing on this moment, right now. If we continually dwell in the past and its regrets or even the greatness of it and how that has now faded, like past beauty, or successes, we will be miserable.

We have to let it go. 

If we continually dwell in the future, fear inevitably arises and worries of money, our children’s and family’s safety and happiness, sickness, pain, old age, death…That is a recipe for distress.

We have to let it go. 

When I began knitting, it was a solace to me. When I was knitting, I no longer regretted the past. I no longer worried over the future, because the only thing that existed while I was knitting was that stitch. Just work that stitch. Now work the next one. And the next one.

Hours could go by in relaxed bliss. I found comfort, peace and rest in this simple craft.

Sometimes even now I have the feeling that loving something like knitting and crocheting and yarn is silly… that I should do something more important with my life than just… crafting. I should change the world! Start a revolution! Give all my worldly possessions to the poor and go meditate on a mountain top in the Himalayas!

Or something.

But the truth of it is, knitting was the balm on my broken and bleeding heart. It gave me joy during a time in my life when very little did.

And I’ve realized that one of the greatest joys I now get in life is teaching others these crafts. When someones says that they knitted or crocheted one of my patterns or used my yarns or that I inspired them… My heart bursts with joy and fulfillment.

So the art of making something with your hands is not a pointless craft. And it’s even more than ending up with a functional item, like a scarf or hat or mittens or blanket, although that is a wonderful part of the whole process.

I think the reason we love it so much is that is allows us to find a snippet of peace in a world of anxiety and hurt. And it’s something that we have control over when we can’t control our families, others’ happiness or the state of the world.

But we can choose to work another stitch. And have peace in our hearts. And create something beautiful that brings joy to ourselves and others.

And that to me, is a worthy cause. And it does indeed, make a noticeable difference in the world.

“You love what you love for a reason. Do it with your whole heart and the world will expand with the joy of your soul.”


From my heart to yours, have a beautiful day.