I’ve always wondered how to block a hat. You knit this gorgeous creation and want it to be finished “just so” and yet, how do you block a rounded object?

Well, for starters, just in case you’re wondering, “blocking” is the process of wetting your knitted or crocheted object and then placing it into position to dry. It’s really an excellent technique for animal fibers or plant fibers, but doesn’t work on acrylics or other synthetics.

Some options including laying your hat flat on the ground or for a beret-style hat, stretching it around a dinner plate.

But! I came up with this method to block beanies or slouchy beanies with ease and it creates a nice, smooth crown!

1. Soak your finished object in luke warm water. You can add in a teaspoon of wool soak if you like, but it’s not necessary.

2. After 10 minutes or so, gently drain the water and press the excess moisture out of the item by placing it in a towel, folding the towel up around it and stepping on it.

3. Place a balloon filled with water into a bowl.

4. Place your hat onto the balloon, stretching down and shaping as desired. Let dry.

And voila. You will have a perfectly-formed crown for your hat, without stretching out the band!! Hurray!


And the best part is, it feels really cool. All the guys in your family will enjoy it! Once you feel it, you’ll know what I mean! 😉

(And for reference, this is another Turn A Square Hat by Jared Flood, shown in my last post.  I made this one for my niece for Christmas)