Here’s a quick post for you of the homemade crocheted earrings I made recently.

1. I crocheted a basic little circle motif. Patterns for these abound online and in books. Honestly, I just made the pattern up as I went.

2. I changed colors every round, getting progressively darker. This is optional.

3. Once finished, I used one of the ends to attach an earring piece from Joann’s, and then wove all the ends in.

4. I soaked them in Elmer’s glue mixed with water.

5. I sprinkled turquoise glitter onto them.

6. I pinned them onto a paper plate to dry.

tutorial crocheted earrings

jewelry crocheted motif earrings


The next day they were stiff and I removed the pins (which were all gluey. BOO HOO!) and there was a weird crust of glitter/glue on the backside, which I attempted to flake off somewhat.

Overall, I’m really happy with them and have worn them already!!! I can’t wait to make more!

On the yarn-dyeing front, I only have about 42 more skeins to dye, which I should be able to whip out come Saturday morning. And DONE! Then I’ll begin the process of taking pictures and writing descriptions and making labels and getting them listed on the site for you. Hurray!

Have a glorious weekend!

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