These hammered crocheted wire earrings were …interesting to create.

For starters, I used regular wire, not nylon-coated jewelry wire, which is easier.

So it was a little rough on my hands. I did, however, discover some tips I’ll share with you here, which might assist you, should you decide to make some for yourself.

1. I chained 6 and joined with a slip stitch in the first chain to form a ring.
2. I then chained 2 and then worked about 20 double crochets into the ring. I didn’t count, actually.
3. I then strung the earring attachment onto the end, tucked in both the beginning and the end tail.
4. I placed the piece onto concrete and proceeded to bang it with a hammer to flatten it and harden the metal.


-Don’t bang too hard or too long or your earring will become brittle and will fall apart. Eek! I did this very thing on the second earring and it didn’t turn out quite as nice.
-Crochet very loosely or you won’t be able to pull your hook through the loops at all.
-Be prepared to work for a while. It took much longer than expected to make these. Don’t really know how long, but a while. Maybe 30 minutes to an hour… I didn’t time it.
-Have pliers nearby in case you need to pull ends through or what-not. It helps.

I will probably wear these. I do really like them. And I love earrings.

I’ve only had my ears pierced for about 4.5 months, but I’m loving it. Most jewelry bothers me, but earrings are great for me. Out of sight, out of mind. For the most part!

hammered crochet wire earrings

I’ll leave you with this thought, which has seemed to keep popping into my head lately:

“Be happy now. All we ever have is the Eternal Moment of Now… nothing else. We don’t have the past. We don’t have the future. We have only this moment. Embrace it for what it is. If your heart is breaking… If your life is less than what you wish…If you simply feel blah. Even if you’re on top of the world. Notice all that is around you. The sounds of birds singing. People chattering. Look at all the colors. Notice things you’ve never seen before. Touch what is in front of you and feel the life force in it. Really FEEL this moment now and love it for what it is. To deny what is, is pointless. If you wish for a better life, be thankful for right now, work towards what you wish and just Be Happy Now.”

Until next time, march on, be brave, and embrace the moment!!