I adore long color gradients in yarn! There are a few brands, like Noro, that offer such a thing, but not too many. So I decided to try and create my own.

First I tried several mini skeins, all linked together and put each in its own jar, simmered them all in a big pot on the stove to heat set, and wound it into one big ball after rinsing and drying. This worked pretty well, but created distinct color changes. Not really what I was wanting, but you can see the scarf I created above, using the yarn from this technique.

I really do adore the scarf, though!! In fact, I think it’s my favorite I’ve ever made!! It’s a crocheted flower scarf that I just made up the pattern for, after I made the initial pink flowers, using this pattern:


SOOO! I spent all day yesterday attempting to dye long color gradients in various different manners. It was so gloriously fun!! I love experimenting days!

So today I plan on using my Ultimate Sweater Machine and knitting up some swatches of the yarn I dyed yesterday. I’ll snap some pictures and get those put up soon for ya!!

In the meantime, happy crafting!!


crochet flower scarf in long color gradients is awesome!

Close-up shot of my crochet flower scarf using long color gradients

Crochet flower scarf layed out blocking

Crochet flower scarf stretched out and drying


If you have any questions on how I did anything, let me know!!

♥ ♥ ♥