15% Off Sale all Weekend and NEW YARN!

Oh, good you’re here. I was hoping to catch you. I have NEWS! New items and sales and whatnot. 


In the midst of a wee bit of shopping yesterday, I did manage to get my new wool sock yarn colorway listed on the site! It’s called AUTUMN RIVER and I think it’s just perfect.

I am currently thinking of what to make with it. I think it would look way cool to hold the yarn double and see how the colors merge and create a muted, heathered effect. Hmmm….

I have a confession to make. I’ve been keeping a secret […]

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New Things and Hideousness

I dyed up the most hideous yarn colorway the other day. It was so hideous that I didn’t even take a picture. It was a horrid, bright orange and garish black with a tinge of mahogany. I thought, “Nobody will EVER want this hideous monstrosity of a colorway!”  I can’t emphasize the word “hideous” enough.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the few skeins I had dyed up, so I just plopped them into a bowl, squished them around and… and lo and behold… the mere act of squishing and blending the dyes all together produced the […]

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New Yarn Colorway: Painter’s Palette!

I cannot help it. I adore working with color. In frustration years ago, of not being able to knit or crochet fast enough to suit my fancy, I took up yarn and wool dyeing.

And it was love at first dip. Ever since, everywhere I look, I see inspiration for yarn colorways. Cinnamon buns in a bakery show case. Frosty, barren trees against a bleak, winter sky. Radiant purple and orange sunsets over the Alaskan horizon. Produce in the grocery store. Swirls of cream in my coffee. I never know what’s going to inspire me next…

I have had the idea for […]

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1. You Are Amazing 2. New Items! 3. Random Updates

Say hi to Al, my new owl finger puppet. More on him soon… but first!

I have to thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I’m sitting here in my new studio, drinking my coffee, listening to the hot water pipes creak and complain and feeling the chill creeping in from the cool 32 degrees we’ve got going on outside.

It’s 8 am and just getting light outside… the sky is gray and dull and work traffic is skittering by.

I have been incredibly “anxious” to get a blog post written for you…

To be honest I allowed myself to slip into “work mode” […]

Elements Collection Yarns Are Back!

I have decided to continue offering my delicious Elements yarns. There are 4 collections in the Elements yarns, AIR, EARTH, FIRE and WATER.

Just click on any of the links to be taken to them on the shop!

AND! A new thing. They are now also available in worsted weight superwash merino wool, as well as the original fingering weight (sock yarn) superwash merino wool.

I’d love to tell you more about this beautiful […]

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New Yarn Yummies

I have been taking pictures all day, winding yarn, listing it in my eBay store and am just now settling in to tell you about it.

Here is the link to my eBay store, where I will be keeping my regular items listed, as well as the occasional sale item: http://stores.ebay.com/expressionfiberarts

I do prefer that you order from my shopping cart actually, located at http://www.ExpressionFiberArts.com but in truth, I get a lot more views from my Ebay store so it just makes sense for me time-wise and view-wise to list […]

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I am tickled to announce that our sock yarn club for April/May/June is now open!

I’ve got 3 options for you. You can choose to receive 100g of fiber each month, 400 grams each month or 600 grams each month if you’re really adventurous!

Click here to shop.

Here is the basic description:

This Imagine Sock Yarn Club is for the months of April/May/June.

This club is inspired by this beautiful quote:

“Happiness is a butterfly which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”

– […]

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New Yarn, Gradient Shades and Club Opening Soon

So I’m delighted to announce that my shop is almost empty. Yikes! This is a good thing as it means I’ve been selling yarn and fiber like crazy recently. Several hundred skeins are being packaged and shipped this week.

As such, I wanted to give you an update with where I’m at stock-wise and what you can expect in the coming weeks/months.

1. Almost all of the Elements Collection yarn has sold out. I have only a few shades left (5, I think). Those will not be continued, but will be replaced with new colors (I so love to create new shades!) […]

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Turn A Square Hat

Over the holidays, I made several of these easy and fun Turn A Square hats by Jared Flood. They only took me a few hours each (maybe 5 hours or so? Didn’t time it) and I loved making them! My nephew is modeling them here on Christmas Eve night, which is when we open our presents!

The hat shown above was made with LusterSoft Fingering yarn, in colorway, Pendulum, held double.


Yarn: LusterSoft Fingering, in colorway, Diaphanous, held double


Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted (don’t remember the color, but it’s a nice navy!)

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New Limited Edition Wool Sock Yarn Colorway: Butterfly Effect

New Limited Edition Wool Sock Yarn Colorway: Butterfly Effect

The whim to dye a new colorway of wool sock yarn hit me the other day. So, I whipped out the dyes, whipped out the yarn and dyed up this gorgeous colorway, which I have named: Butterfly Effect.

I named it so because it reminded me of a butterfly’s many colors. My brother recently received a collection of butterflies, inside two glass panels, and it inspired me to create this shade!

Also, the concept of the Butterfly Effect has always intrigued me. It suggests that something as tiny and seemingly insignificant as […]

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