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Beloved Stars Knitted Shawl Pattern

We have a gorgeous new shawl pattern for you!

Introducing the Beloved Stars Knitted Shawl Pattern.

This one is for the knitters, but crocheters, we have patterns for you as well, so check out this link for what’s new.

Now, back to bidness.

This little lovely is designed by the amazingly talented, gorgeous and wonderful, Emily Walton (moonangel58 on

•We wanted to go with soft, dreamy, icy shades for our January patterns this year, so the yarn is 5 skeins of our Luster Merino Tencel Worsted Weight yarn in colorway: Angel Whisper.

•Can we talk about the […]

Resolutions not working? Feeling lost? Try this.

Have you ever set a goal, determined you were going to make it work this time no matter what and then… life got in the way and it never happened?

Maybe you wanted to lose weight and a few weeks into going to the gym, you get sick and skip a week and then… never go back.

Maybe you want to read more books this year or start a business or change jobs or do more community work… and then… life.

And then usually, you feel like a failure. You’re disappointed in yourself. You determine that you’ll try again next week. You’ll […]

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  • January / February Expression Fiber Arts $1000 Yarn Giveaway - Enter now!
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    January / February 2017 Expression Fiber Arts $1000 Yarn Giveaway

January / February 2017 Expression Fiber Arts $1000 Yarn Giveaway

Hello, hello and welcome to another fabbbbulous, HUGE and very exciting yarn giveaway.

This isn’t just any yarn. Oh no. This is a monstrous, delicious, radiating pile of hand-dyed beauty.

There is yak silk lace weight. We’ve got squishy Resilient superwash merino wool sock yarn. There is Dewy dk weight and Pearlescent worsted and lots of fingering Pearlescent yarn (50/50 superwash merino wool and mulberry silk at a whopping 550 yards each).

We’re talking loads of drools here. LOVE love love.

I cannot wait to find out who the winner is and send that email saying: YOU WON!

So now, take a look, gasp a […]

Giveaway Winner – Year End Updates

Hellloo! Welcome.

First of all, where did the year go? I mean, where? Your guess is as good as mine.

I hope it was a good one for you! If not, then by gummy, let’s make next year AWESOME together.

I wanted to wrap up a few loose ends as the sun sets on this year and we all head out on holiday vacations (are you going anywhere or staying snuggly up at home?).

  1. We won’t be doing a yarn giveaway this month, but we’ll start back up again come the new year. Last month’s winner was…. drum roll…. Tammy Bradburn. Congrats, Tammy!
  2. […]

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Top 5 Books of 2016

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE reading. I mean… love it. You have a stack of books at all times ready to be devoured.

Reading is incredible.

You can step into a new world without ever leaving your home.

I thought a nice little compilation of my favorite books from this year would be a great idea and hopefully give you some juicy reading fodder.

These are not in order as that would be just WILD to try and do, but these stand out as the Top 5 Books I Read in 2016:

1. The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

Silverberry Hood Pattern

In need of a bit of magic in your life?

Feeling like your sparkle is lost and the world is a bit dull?

Enter this Silverberry Hood…

A beautiful and magical pattern designed for walks through the crisp winter snow… but keep your eyes open! You may see magical creatures behind trees, under bushes or peering at you from the branches.

Silverberry Hood knitted pattern by Emily Walton for Expression Fiber Arts Silverberry Hood knitted pattern by Emily Walton for Expression Fiber Arts

Teal Tenacity Crochet Shawl Pattern

Hello and welcome!

Okay, guess what?

We have a beeeautiful gradient crochet shawl pattern for you. Ahhhhh. So pretty.

One of our customers, Helen Meissner, designed this beautiful wrap using one of our Mini Gradient Kits (worsted weight).

It’s a fairly simple pattern and repeats throughout so you can just stop when you’re out of yarn. Woop!

teal tenacity crochet shawl pattern by expression fiber arts

The kit includes 5 skeins and they graduate from lightest to darkest for this beautiful ombre effect. Loving. It. So. Much.teal tenacity crochet [...]
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November December 2016 $1000 Yarn Giveaway!

A new giant yarn giveaway for you, luvey!!

This is valued around $1000 and is all our gorgeous, luxury, hand-dyed yarns. Silks. Yak. Merino Wool. Cashmere. More.

Take a look at all this!!

$1000 expression fiber arts november december 2016 yarn giveaway. enter now!

$1000 expression fiber arts november december 2016 yarn giveaway. enter now!

$1000 expression fiber arts november december 2016 yarn giveaway. enter now!

$1000 expression fiber arts november december 2016 yarn giveaway. enter [...]
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Kaminari Knitted Mittens and Hat Pattern

Look at this gorgeous pattern set!

Oh my gracious. I love itttt. You can download it here.

how to knit this colorwork (stranded) Kaminari knitted mitten and hat pattern set

Now is the time to try stranded colorwork if you haven’t already. Yes! These are worth it and the pattern isn’t too complex. how to knit this colorwork (stranded) Kaminari knitted mitten and hat pattern set

The pattern includes a fold-up-brim hat and matching mittens. how to knit this colorwork (stranded) Kaminari [...]
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The Traveler Hat and Mitten Set – Crochet Pattern

A new pattern for you, lovelies!

Crochet this time. Stay tuned for a knit version or see our other patterns here if you don’t crochet.

This is an adorable slouch or beanie hat, depending on how you wear it. And a set of flip-top mittens. Even the little thumb flips back. Such a cutie it is. the-traveler-hat-and-mitt-set-crochet-pattern-lookbook-3

These were designed for us by Kristina Smiley and I must say, I’m so impressed. Her designs are just beautiful and so well-thought out.

This pattern has […]