Comfy Headband Hat – Knitted Pattern

So as promised, here is the pattern for this new hand spun hat I knitted. (By the way, did you know the past tense of knit can be either knit or knitted? I looked it up)

easy beginner knit hat instructions
1 size fits most adult heads. It is meant to be worn down over the ears.

Finished Measurements: 
22″ in circumference8 inches in height

Yarn: I used my own hand spun worsted-weight wool (Colorway: Esther, Falkland wool from, Navajo-plied. Any basic worsted-weight wool should work.
Needles: US 7, 16” circular (or longer […]

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It’s Happening

I know I promised you a pattern in this post, but I’m going to squeeze this mini post in first! Pattern will be next!

Well, for anybody who has ever lived in far-northern regions, you know many people here tend to live for the summer.

The summers where I live are really gorgeous. Sunny, perfect temperatures. Just amazing.

The winters, however, are fierce. So as you’re driving to town in 40 below zero weather in January, you keep thinking to yourself, “Before I know it, I’ll be lounging on the porch, drinking lemonade, with my shades on, the sun shining down on my […]

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Behold. My New Baby.

Well, I have a confession to make. I have a new baby. And I’m typing on her right now. (You can see this blog post on the screen!)

What to name her? I’ll think of something! Esmerelda?

I have an enormous beast of a laptop at home (PC) and have never owned a Mac. A few months ago, the allure of a portable laptop made its way into my heart and I began eye-balling the 13″ MacBook Air.

After months of deliberation, I finally said Yes to the Best and got a Mac. SQUEE!!

Initial impression: Impressed.

I love how it just turned on instantly […]

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Dyeing, Dyeing, Dyeing.


Hello dear fellow yarnies and happy Easter Sunday to ya!

I am up and about and about to tackle my horrendously messy bedroom. I couldn’t find a certain knitting needle size yesterday and so pulled everything off my shelves and out of my cubbies in search for it.

Once the floor was covered in chaos I realized the needles were on my desk the whole time. Silly me.

But I needed to do a good spring cleaning of all my clothes and what-not anyways.

I just cannot function in a messy space! It makes me feel all heber-gebery!

In yarn shop […]

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Here It Is! Ruffled Baby Hat Pattern with Good Luck Clover

This Good Luck Baby Hat Pattern was designed as I went along. I wanted to make something special for a new baby cousin; something with meaning.

You can see my original post about it here.

So I used the first successful skein of gradient yarn that I dyed and created this adorable, but easy baby girl hat. The 4-leaf clover was included so good luck would follow her her whole life through.

ruffled easy baby knit hat pattern

So without further ado, here is the […]

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England Inspirations for New Yarn and Designs

So I’m back from England!

I had the most jolly good time of my life! We saw everything and crammed each moment with excitement!

I have hundreds of photos and inspirations I want to share with you! They will have to be trickled out over the coming weeks.

Day 1, we went to Cambridge. The architecture. The bicycles. The wild drivers. The museum. Cathedrals. Cobblestone sidewalks. Gorgeous sunshine. The trees. We went punting (boating where they push the boat along with a big stick). Ate jackets (delicious baked potatoes with any topping you can imagine. I had garlic mushrooms).

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