Love muffin, happy day to ya! I hope it’s starting off just fine and dandy.

New free crochet cowl pattern! An easy beginner level crochet pattern you can whip up in an evening.

DARLING COWL – download the written version, if you’re so inclined, here at our website.

In this video tutorial I’m showing you how to work a foundation double crochet – you’ll want this technique in your skill bank as it’s a lovely stretchy way to start your crochet projects!


Sometimes initial foundation chains can be a bit tight, so this solves that problem. Whew! Onto other things in life!


The knitted version of this cowl, in which I demonstrate the marling technique, is here.

Anyhoosles – hope it’s helpful, me dahlingssss!!

Here is the yarn we used, but all the particulars are within the actual pattern description should you need them.

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Enjoy this day!