Hi, lovely!

Welllllcome welcome.

I’m pretty darn giddy today because we have a gorgeous knitted tee pattern for you, called the Hadi Tee.

I had asked on Facebook and Instagram awhile back what types of patterns you wanted to see from us and there were a lot of requests for sweaters, tops, garments, etc. So we have lotsa that in the works for you!

This was designed by Emily Walton (she’s so fantastic) and comes in multiple sizes.

Hadi tee - knitting pattern

It has a ton of positive ease (what in the heck does THAT mean, you ask? It just means the item is bigger than your actual bust size so it’s loosey goosey and not fitted) so it’s comfy, cozy, oversized and still super stylish.

Throw on some jeans or white pants, a tank top underneath if you like and head out on the town, feeling super fancy.

Or just wear it to work – that’s what I would do. I’m totes not a party animal. HAHA!

Anyhoo, enough prattling, eh?

Head here to download this fun knitted tee pattern and check out our video on how to do the lace stitching here:


And whatever you do… have a great day!


Hadi tee - knitting pattern