Hello, my lovelies!
It’s time to learn to knit this EASY and QUICK 4-in-1 hat/cowl pattern.
1. Wear it like a COWL.
2. Wear it cinched up at the top for a BEANIE.
3. Shove it back on your head for more of a SLOUCH hat.
4. Open up the hole and poke your ponytail or messy bun through it.


Super cool!

•Hold any dk or worsted weight yarn double (2 strands together to make a thicker yarn – or use a bulky yarn held single.)

CO 60 sts using size US 13 needles – 16″ circulars work great, but you could use longer ones and do magic loop.

Join for working in the round, being careful not to twist your sts. Place a marker at the start of the round if you like.

Round 1: *K2, p2. Repeat from * all the way around.

Now let’s make some holes!

Round 2: *K2, yo, p2tog. Repeat from * all the way around. Yay! We have holes!

Now…. here comes the easy part! We just repeat round 1! Over and over! Yes! Until the hat/cowl is the size you want, or 9.5″ like mine.

To make this size, I used nearly an entire 4 oz  ball of Dk weight yarn.

Now, bind off using your favorite stretchy bind off, or try this one!

You can whip this out in an evening. It would make a great gift. Have fun!


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Have a great day!