Let’s learn how to make pom poms today!

I’ll show you two methods.

    1. One uses a fork and makes a tiny / mini pom pom
    2. And the other method uses your hands and makes a normal sized pom pom

There are all types of fancy methods out there that use a special pom pom making device or cardboard and I’ve tried most of them.

But the methods I show you are fast, easy and can be whipped out even if you don’t have all the fancy tools, the time or the patience for the other methods.

So have a watch:


These are ideal to put onto knitted or crocheted hats! You can also hang them as ornaments on your Christmas tree.

When I was in third grade, we made these and the teacher called them “warm fuzzies,” which I loved, so definitely make these with kids if you get a chance!

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Have a sensational day, dahling, and now go grab some yarn and make some lovely little pom poms!!