Hey, what’s up, lovely one?

I’ve noticed each time I go live on IG or FB for our lil’ knit-a-longs, I get asked how I knit so quickly.

So the hubs and I created a lil’ tutorial for ya on how to speed knit continental style!


Continental is a knitting method in which you hold the yarn in your left hand. It allows for very speedy knitting, purling and alternating between the two like in ribbing or seed stitch. (By comparison, English style is when you hold the yarn in your right hand.)

I hope the video is helpful for ya!

Feel free to rewatch, slow the video down and then practice, practice until you get it!

Things to keep in mind:

-It will take TIME to adjust to this method if you’ve learned English style or another method. Give yourself at least 3 weeks or more of daily practice to start feeling comfortable with it and even then, it’s going to take awhile to get speedier.

-Know that they who produce the most knitted items are the ones who knit most, not necessarily fastest – so keep that in mind! Frequency is key.

-If you are brand new to knitting, I recommend trying out various styles to see which you prefer. No method is better than any other – just choose what YOU love.

-Do hollah if you have any questions, love! Talk to ya soon!

Happy knitting.