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Looking for a wearable, cozy blanket shawl pattern that is totally customizable and adjustable? Look no further.

This beautiful Love Shawl can be used as a travel blanket, a picnic blanket or as a shawl/wrap!

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love shawl knitted blanket wrap pattern

It comes with a video! Have a watch:

Designed by Emily Walton for you. Customizable, excellent for adventurous beginners. Simple lace stitches.

-Make it larger or smaller as you desire

-Use one color, or stripe like shown!

-This uses 4 skeins/colors Expression Fiber Arts Seacoast Fingering – a dreamy, buttery soft, draping cotton and alpaca blend yarn which is great for warmer months or any time of year really. But choose any fingering weight yarn you love.

All shades are inspired by the sea and the yarn has a lovely, subtle wavy texture which adds a beautiful feel to the project and reminds you of the gentle, caressing waves of the ocean.

It holds up well too as it has a strand of polyamide running throughout, preventing the major sag/droop you find with other cotton yarns.

love shawl knitted blanket wrap pattern

•An easy intro to lace for adventurous beginners, or a meditative piece for more experienced knitters, this shawl features a simple 2-row repeat that shifts slightly with each color change but otherwise remains the same throughout the entire piece. If you prefer not to shift the texture, simply omit the second pattern and continue the first pattern throughout the body. You can also shift the texture more often, if you like. This pattern is yours to adjust as you please.

•Width can be adjusted by casting on more or fewer stitches in a multiple of 8 + 6. Length can be adjusted by working more or fewer 2-row repeats within specific sections or across the body as a whole. Sample shown used 4 full skeins of yarn, 1 in each color. You may opt to use more or less of each skein, and more or fewer colors.

•If working with multiple skeins of the same color of hand-dyed yarn, it is strongly recommended to alternate skeins every couple of rows to avoid color pooling.

•When blocking, make sure to fully open the eyelets in each rib to see the full effect of the lace. If using the suggested yarn, you can block aggressively for length, as both alpaca and cotton will stretch with blocking.

love shawl knitted blanket wrap patternlove shawl knitted blanket wrap pattern

•While working on the sample for this pattern, I had a lot of time to think about love in its various forms. Self-love, love for an individual, love for a larger whole, and love as its own concept. How do we define something that defies definition? How do we encapsulate it in a handmade object? Is the finished object the definition of love? Is it the time and effort that goes into making it? The act of giving the finished object to another or keeping it to wrap around ourselves? Is it all of these things, or some, or none of them? I don’t have the answer. Maybe there isn’t one. What I do know is that knitting, whether for yourself or another, can be an act of love, like speaking up or out, or cooking a meal, or just sitting in the company of another. Whether you keep this shawl for yourself or give it to someone special, you’ll have plenty of time to find your own definition of love while working on it.

love shawl knitted blanket wrap pattern

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love shawl knitted blanket wrap patternlove shawl knitted blanket wrap pattern

Enjoy this beautiful day, love. Sink into THIS MOMENT. It’s all we ever have!

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“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” — James Baldwin

love shawl knitted blanket wrap pattern

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