Love muffin, thanks for stopping by! OHHHH! My gosh. Everywhere I go, I get compliments on these tassel earrings.

I was at the dentist the other day (cleaning time…. oi) and 2 of the gals in there wanted my earrings.

The lady checking me out at the grocery store was like… “Ohhhh!! I love big fabulous earrings! Those are amazing!”

So you’ll wanna whip some up pretty soon.

But even if you don’t want to make earrings, no worries! I show you in the video how to make tassels to apply to your knitted or crocheted shawls, scarves, bags, blankets or whatever.

Essentially, the tassel part is the same, it’s the TOP part (the head of the tassel) that varies, depending on your intended use.

Have a watch below:




I hope you enjoyed the video! I had a blast making it for you, along with the hubby. Let’s be honest – I just do the talking and instructing. He’s the genius behind the scenes filming and editing for you.

Have a happy day!

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