Oh, so glad you’re here! I’m super stoked to tell you about our newest pattern – Harukaze.

This knitted poncho pattern is so fantastic because it’s customizable. You can seam up part of the sides to create sorta-sleeves, or not and wear it like a traditional poncho! It’s shown with the sides seamed up.

Since it was made in a beautiful, draping fingering weight yarn, it’s ideal for various seasons, even when it’s a bit warmer. It’s also such a great gift – who wouldn’t love a stylin’ poncho, am I right?

You can opt for a solid color or go with 5 different shades like shown. I am gushing over these colors and how they flow into each other. You’ll need 977 yards for this poncho, but if you knit loosely or don’t want to play yarn chicken, get a bit more.

You can grab the pattern PDF here as well as get all the details.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day, because you deserve it!