You’ve seen them around: All those big, beautiful, gorgeous wall hangings. You may have even thought about making one for yourself one day. Well, think about it no more. Grab some yarn (any yarn!) and let’s get to making!

•The small one took no time! About 20-30 minutes IF THAT. The big one was a bit longer (4 hours) since I had to cut all the yarn.

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The yarn used in the video:


•1 skein of Dewy DK yarn (colors come and go so choose any you like! I used Perfect Storm.) Multi-colored skeins are great because you get a cool fade effect as shown.


Luster Worsted Weight ( I used 2 skeins Angel Whisper, 1 skein Quill, 1 skein Rose Gold. Again, colors come and go and our inventory is constantly shifting. We’re a small hand-dyed yarn company and are always churning out new shades. If you MUST MUST MUST have these exact shades, email me through the website requesting it and I can usually acquiesce and have them dyed for you if you can wait a few weeks for me to put them on the dye schedule).

But truly ANY yarn will work. Like I said in the video, natural fibers are best so you can make them hang straight at the end. Acrylic and other cheaper fibers just won’t work quite as well, but in a pinch, they’ll suffice!

Thanks so much for watching!

Enjoy this PRECIOUS DAY! We are never promised tomorrow, so grab the ones you love, squeeze them tight, soak up each moment and know you are BLESSED to be alive and you are VALUED and NEEDED.

You, just being YOU, is what the world needs.

Buh bye, love!