Awww, check out this lovely shawl design!! It’s called Ume and was designed by Emily Walton. We have two versions to show you!

Ume knitted shawl pattern

It features a classic and lovely triangle shape, in 2 contrasting colors or a gradient fade. Have a watch – we filmed a video for you, showing the shawls in action as well as how to knit the lace section. It’s so simple!


We used our delightful, draping, dreamy, shimmering Pearlescent Fingering yarn in Garden Hues.  It’s ideal for floating shawls like this!

Ume knitted shawl pattern

This pattern is totally adjustable – make it smaller or larger, change up the color sequencing as you desire. Just have a blast making it your own. I love the classic elegance of the striped version, and the fun, eclectic vibe of the gradient fade version! Which do you prefer? I’d love to know!

We truly hope you love it. You can download this gorgeous knitted shawl pattern here. It was inspired by flowers and we hope you remember to BLOOM and GROW – it’s what you’re meant to do!

Enjoy! Have fun with this pattern – it would be great for casual wear or for dressing up! So many options.

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Have a great day!