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So you’ve finished making that awesome knitted or crocheted piece but it looks a bit…lacking? Maybe a little rumpled? The lace or eyelets aren’t showing up very well?

It needs blocked.

Blocking will take your work from “meh” to “SHAZAM!”

It will open up your stitching, given a more even, polished and professional look to your piece and just improve the look of your item in general.

What is blocking?

There are several methods. My favorite and the one I show you today is to simply soak your item in lukewarm water, press the water out and pin into shape to air dry.

Watch the video and see what ya think:


I have another wet blocking tutorial with step by step pictures here. I include lots of info there including what types of fibers you can use, etc.

And if you’re in a hurry, here is a way to steam block your piece. This method works best for simpler projects like garter stitch scarves.

Have a beautiful day. I hope this video helped you.

Take care now.