Learn to knit! It’s easier than you think and I break it down to the basics so anybody can get started, whether you’re 4 or 94.

When I uploaded this video I had no idea if anybody would watch it and lo and behold, it’s had nearly 3 million views. Good LORD! I get emails daily from people who have joined the knitting bandwagon and are now hooked for life.

It’s an incredibly satisfying pastime and you will be whipping out scarves and hats and sweaters and socks before you know it.

Let’s get busy learning to knit:


I show you how to:

1. Cast on
2. Work the knit stitch
3. Bind off
4. What to do if you (gasp!) drop a stitch.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to practice and practice. It took me a few weeks before I felt really comfortable with it. You are forming new brain connections and creating new motor skills and it takes time. You didn’t learn to write perfectly in a day and knitting is the same. Give yourself time and load up on the patience!

Good luck!

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Kees kees, hug hug.