“Slouchable” Knitted Arm Warmers Pattern

“Slouchable” Knitted Arm Warmers Pattern

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I have several jackets with half sleeves that I wear to work a lot and I find my arms get cold from the elbow down. So I wanted to whip out a quick and easy pattern for some luscious arm warmers! They work amazingly well! And […]

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New Limited Edition Wool Sock Yarn Colorway: Butterfly Effect

New Limited Edition Wool Sock Yarn Colorway: Butterfly Effect

The whim to dye a new colorway of wool sock yarn hit me the other day. So, I whipped out the dyes, whipped out the yarn and dyed up this gorgeous colorway, which I have named: Butterfly Effect.

I named it so because it reminded me of a butterfly’s many colors. My brother recently received a collection of butterflies, inside two glass panels, and it inspired me to create this shade!

Also, the concept of the Butterfly Effect has always intrigued me. It suggests that something as tiny and seemingly insignificant as […]

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Have a Merry Christmas!

I hope you have a glorious Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!

I’m doing one of the things that brings me tremendous joy: dyeing yarn. Specifically, colorful rainbow sock yarn!

I plan on creating a new pattern with these: Socks for Skinny Jeans! Can’t wait to start knitting with it. I might blow dry a skein and get started!

I have only a few skeins of this and the remaining ones will be listed for sale in the shop soon.

Have a joyful day! Cooking, playing games, knitting, relaxing, traveling, spending time with family… Enjoy each moment!

Merry Christmas!!!

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How To Knit The Magic Loop Method


Well, I’ve created my first knitting tutorial! How to knit the Magic Loop Method!

I use it for all my projects in the round (I virtually never use DPN’s/double-pointed needles) as I find them too fussy to work with.

Once you know the Magic Loop Method, you will truly feel it is indeed MAGIC! You just need:

•1 long circular needle of at least 32 inches
•A smidgen of time to get the technique down

And you can then knit anything in the round, including tiny things, like fingers for gloves!

This is my very first tutorial, so I hope you enjoy it!

I learned a great […]

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Zen Yarn Spinning

Zen Yarn Spinning

I decided the other day to try Zen Yarn Spinning. This is a type of spinning where you sink into the moment and just be. You. The fiber. The wheel. Peace.

It was glorious!

I used some luscious roving from Sweet Georgia club of the month (from about a year ago. I don’t remember the color name or the type of fiber, but it looks like wool blended with either silk or bamboo).

I plan on making two arm warmers with this, so I split the entire length of fiber in […]

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It Appears I’ll Never Get Finished

One of the things that has always bugged me about knitting is that I’m never done. I’m the type of person who thrives on accomplishment. I get my kicks from achievement.

So I would start a project with all the glee and gusto in the world, knit as fast as possible, get bored halfway through, muster up my strength and continue knitting, and FINALLY finish. And what a glorious feeling that would be! I would revel in that delicious state for about, OH… two minutes.

Until the bug to start another project hit me and I would be off to start the […]

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