Giveaway Winner – Year End Updates

Hellloo! Welcome.

First of all, where did the year go? I mean, where? Your guess is as good as mine.

I hope it was a good one for you! If not, then by gummy, let’s make next year AWESOME together.

I wanted to wrap up a few loose ends as the sun sets on this year and we all head out on holiday vacations (are you going anywhere or staying snuggly up at home?).

  1. We won’t be doing a yarn giveaway this month, but we’ll start back up again come the new year. Last month’s winner was…. drum roll…. Tammy Bradburn. Congrats, Tammy!
  2. All […]
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What Moving Looks Like

July has felt like molasses.

Sluggish. Distracted. Trying to focus on work. Having lotsa teensy details to attend to with our move.

A brief rundown:

  • We bought a house.
  • We move in 16 days.
  • We are 90% packed.
  • Except the yarn room, which isn’t packed at all.

expression fiber arts efa yarn room

  • We’re hiring movers. Thank Gawd.
  • Our house is echoing. It’s so empty. Hello? Hello. Hello. Hellooooo…. loooo

empty house moving

black and white photo room with spinning wheel

  • We got rid of […]
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Above the Clouds

I couldn’t BREATHE. I stared with eyes wide and mouth agape; half smiling, half in disbelief.

I’ve flown over these mountains dozens of times. I was born and raised in Alaska (living mostly in Juneau where the only means of escape is via plane or boat) so you would think I’d be totally used to the Alaskan mountains by now.

But apparently not.

I flew down to Anchorage last weekend for some rest and recouping (*Ahem, read: Shopping and eating too much).

On my way back, this was my view.

The pilot swung around so we could see the gorgeous Mt. McKinley. HELLO! Stunning.

I seriously […]

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For Animal Lovers…

Without realizing it, I listed 2 new colorways this week that resemble animals! Aren’t they CUTE?! Up first is this gorgeous black and white superwash merino wool sock yarn, called CHINCHILLA: chinchilla picture

Here is what it looks like knitted up into some garter stitch:

knitted garter stitch wool sock yarnLove. It.

And up next, BETTA BELIEVE IT : Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in a 3-ply …

For the Sheer Joy of It All

I have a saying I use a lot. It’s something that just came to me one day. And I’m reminded of it frequently.

“You love what you love for a reason.”

It resonates so deeply within me that it’s one of those things I just know is true on a soul level.

You love what you love for a reason.

You don’t always know that reason.

Sometimes the truth is only revealed after the fact. You look back and realize, “Wow. Now it makes sense.”

I was thinking the other day about my knitting and crocheting. If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of […]

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More New Sock Yarns to Tickle Your Fancy! (Greens and Purples)

Did you know sock yarn doesn’t count as stash? Or so I hear. 😉

I have these new GORGEOUS sock yarn shades for you to drool over.

EMERALD FOREST (green) and AFRICAN VIOLET (pinkish purples).

purple african violet superwash wool sock yarn


Are they beyond gorg or what?

These two colors would look sensational together as a shawl! OHHH WEEE! The options are endless!

 These sock yarns are so cool because:

•They are slow color-changing. As you knit or crochet, they slowly and subtly change colors. YAY for cool effects!

•They’re a 3-ply, which means SOFT, […]

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More f.r.e.e yarn for you. I just can’t help myself.

Time sensitive! Please read right away!

I wonder…What is going on in my brain? I just keep giving yarn away. 😀

As you can imagine, owning a yarn shop has its perks. One of those perks is I end up with TONS, scads, OODLES and boodles of various yarns… limited dye runs, colors that are left over if I miscounted inventory, test shades, samples, etc.

And as much as I would personally LOVE to knit and/or crochet them ALL and be super selfish and hoard them in a massive warehouse and sleep in it all and roll around in it and jump on […]

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New MANGO SORBET Worsted Wt. Wool

For spring and summer, I’ve got a new, limited edition simply delicious worsted weight wool yarn for you!

It’s called MANGO SORBET and isn’t it beautimus?

Seriously, do you wanna lick it? Eek! 😀

It really looks so scrumptious and delectable. Maybe I’m hungry.

It’s hand-spun. It’s hand-dyed. Oh, yesssss.

Let me know what you’d make with this gorgeous shade!

I see a little girl’s tank top, or a simple wrap for chilly spring evenings or some colorful fingerless mitts for later.

OH! So many options!

I hope you love it!

Click for pricing, more details, such as yardage, weight, etc and to nab your skein today! […]

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More New Sock Yarns!

BREAKING DAWN : Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn

Picture above! Woo hoo! Isn’t it simply GORGEOUS! Gasp. I am in love.

ROLLING SEA MIST: Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn

green purple merino sock yarn

YAY! Purples and greens! Yum!

These are limited edition so if you click and don’t see them available, you know they are sold out. Yikers! They go fast!

Enjoy and no trampling each other! 😉


Click for details! I’m so happy to get these shipped off to you!



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Win This Hat Box Full of Free Yarn!

Want this hat box full of yarn delivered FREE to your door? You know you do! Heck, I DO!! 🙂

Welps, these monthly contests are turning out so deliciously exciting that I am not just giving away 1 skein this month. Nay, dear friend… I am giving away 8 skeins PLUS the hat box, PLUS free delivery right to your door.


Is this even real? Are we in Yarn Heaven at last? Have we kicked the bucket and we’re floating around as knit and crochet angels, sitting atop clouds of wool, silk and alpaca? Nope. I think I’m just uber duber excited […]

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