How to Crochet a Snowflake

This easy tutorial for crocheting a snowflake is sure to please.

These make great ornaments for your holiday decorations and you’ll want to whip out dozens of them.

And they’re fast, so you’ll have a whole slew of them in no time.

Have a watch:

Due to all the many requests, I had a reader write down the pattern if you prefer text to video:

Materials: Small amount of fingering weight yarn

Size 0 crochet hook

Darning needle

Pins and cardboard to block


Start with a magic circle or wind yarn around finger […]

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2 Easy Ways to Make a Yarn Pom Pom

Let’s learn how to make pom poms today!

I’ll show you two methods.

    1. One uses a fork and makes a tiny / mini pom pom
    2. And the other method uses your hands and makes a normal sized pom pom

There are all types of fancy methods out there that use a special pom pom making device or cardboard and I’ve tried most of them.

But the methods I show you are fast, easy and can be whipped out even if you don’t have all the fancy tools, the time or the patience for the other methods.

So have a watch:

These are […]

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How to Make a Tiny Hat Ornament With Yarn

If you’ve ever wondered how to make these adorable little hat ornaments, wonder no more.



•Toilet paper roll or paper towel roll


•Something to wrap the yarn around (I used my phone) – optional

how to make toilet paper towel roll tiny hat yarn ornament for Christmas

Have a watch:

Pretty darn easy, eh?

This is great to use up scraps of yarn. I can imagine a tree full of them!

Make one in every color!

Make them with your kids!

Make a garland of them if you want. how to [...]</p srcset=

How to Crochet a Beginner’s Scarf

Hello, dahling.

Ever wondered how to crochet a scarf? Wonder no more.

how to crochet a beginner's infinity scarf

how to crochet an easy beginner's infinity scarf


It’s easier than you think!


Watch the video below to see how to crochet this infinity scarf.


If you’re an absolute beginner, you’ll want to check out my crochet playlist here, where I break down the different crochet stitches you’ll need to know.


The kit used in the scarf video can be […]

How to Knit a Beginner’s Scarf

Hello, beautiful.

Ever wondered how to knit a scarf? Wonder no more.

how to knit a beginner's scarf

how to knit a beginner's scarf

It’s easier than you think!


Watch the video below to see how to knit this scarf.


If you’re an absolute beginner, you’ll want to check out this video, which breaks down allllll the steps. Even if you’re never picked up knitting needles before, you’ll be able to follow along and start knitting.


The kit used in […]

How to Dye Yarn With Kool-Aid

Dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid is a BLAST.

Have you ever wanted to try it? Well, here’s your chance.

I’ll walk you through all the steps, show you everything you need and then you can get started.

-It’s a wonderful craft to do with kids but they will need adult supervision.

-You’ll see what each color turns out to look like when applied to the yarn. Some of them are quite surprising.

-It smells AMAZZZZING.

-There really aren’t any rules. Glory be. But a few things to keep in mind: 1. Wool works best if you can get your hands on that. 2. You’ll need to heatset […]

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How to Cable Without a Cable Needle

Ever wanted to make gorgeous cabled knitted items but weren’t sure how? Or maybe you don’t enjoy the slow process of using a cable needle.

Have no fear! My tutorial is here!

Learn how to cable WITHOUT a cable needle.

-It’s FAST.
-It’s easy to learn.
-Can be used with virtually any variety of cables, yarn types or needle sizes.

Holler at me in the comments below with your ideas for future videos.

Thank you for watching and have a great day!


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How to Read Knitting Patterns

Ever been stumped by a knitting pattern?

Want to knit amazing hats, scarves, blankets and more, but haven’t a clue?

Well, this video will solve the mystery of how to read a knitting pattern.

Just as a quick example I show you my free Palette Shawl Pattern and the basics of what you need to know to successfully knit it and any pattern.

It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it, so have a watch and let me know what you think by commenting below!

I hope you enjoyed it! Get the free Palette […]

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How to Spin Funky Art Yarn (with flowers)

Ever wondered how to spin fun and funky art yarn?

Wonder no more, dear fiber-loving friend.

You’re about to see how I do it. Annnnnddd… we’ll add some flowers just for fun.

I’m using my baby (Lendrum Saxony spinning wheel), but you can use a spindle if you like.

For roving and spindles and all that, you can check out Etsy!

You won’t need a drum carder or hand cards or combs or any of those items. They do make the process faster and you’ll get a more predictable, blended effect, but I like the look of just throwing caution to the wind and seeing […]

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How to Knit a Fun Swirling Sea Cowl

A quick and adorable cowl pattern for you! And… it’s free to boot.

1. The written pattern is here and you can download it instantly. All the details are there (needle size, yarn I used, etc).

2. We made a video for ya as well! Woop woop! Hopefully you like it.



It’s a wonderful, quick, easy pattern. You’ll just need to know how to knit in the round.

Have fun, my sweet!

Catch ya next time.


P.S. I simply adore comments so please leave one below with your thoughts on this pattern and what future patterns and videos you’d […]

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