How to Crochet an Easy Beginner Baby Blanket – Pattern

The time has come… to finally learn how to crochet a baby blanket. You know you want to! You can DO it.

This is an easy one. It looks much more complex than it actually is. It’s essentially a 2-row repeat.

Yep. Easy, I say! Easy!

how to crochet an easy beginner baby blanket - pattern

how to crochet an easy beginner baby blanket - pattern

how to crochet an easy beginner baby blanket - pattern

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How to Block Your Finished Knitted and Crochet Projects

Hey, you’re here! Welcome, welcome!

So you’ve finished making that awesome knitted or crocheted piece but it looks a bit…lacking? Maybe a little rumpled? The lace or eyelets aren’t showing up very well?

It needs blocked.

Blocking will take your work from “meh” to “SHAZAM!”

It will open up your stitching, given a more even, polished and professional look to your piece and just improve the look of your item in general.

What is blocking?

There are several methods. My favorite and the one I show you today is to simply soak your item in lukewarm water, press the water out and pin into shape to […]

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How to Finger Crochet a Scarf – for Beginners

This is sooo darn easy. You’ll be amazed.

Even if you don’t know how to crochet at all, you can make this scarf in one sitting.

This would be an ideal last-minute gift!

You’ll need: 

Dk or worsted weight yarn. About 4 oz or so but it really doesn’t matter. You’re just going to crochet until you run out of yarn or the scarf is as big/thick as you like.

I used my Dandelion Dewy Dk yarn. Colors come and go but you can see all the current shades here.

You’ll need to know how to wind center pull balls (not essential but really […]

How to Knit a Basic Beanie Hat for Beginners – Kit + Video!

Let’s knit a hat today!

This hat pattern is a basic, easy pattern that you can use to make hats for adults, kids, babies, you name it.

Make it longer if you want a brim to roll up. Easy peasy!

Expression Fiber Arts Basic Beginner Knitted Beanie Hat Kit + Tutorial

You’ll need to know how to cast on, work the knit stitch and work the purl stitch.

If you need help, check out my How to Knit for beginners videos.

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How to Crochet a Beanie – for Beginners

Hey, welcome!

How are ya today? Ready to learn how to crochet a hat? Well, let’s get started!

You’ll need 4 oz of Dk weight yarn ( I used 1 skein of my Dewy Dk in Sparkling Star)
A size US G hook
Tape measure


Grab the kit for this at

Learn How to Crochet a Beanie Hat for Beginners

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You can make a hat for gals, guys, babies, toddlers, you name it. I show you how to adjust the […]

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How to Read Crochet Patterns

Learn how to finally read crochet patterns so you can whip out gorgeous scarves and sweaters and blankets and ‘you name it’ all day long!

I’ll show you how to read the pattern for this infinity scarf and I walk you through all the steps.

Have a watch:


Download this pattern here.

Get other patterns here.

Get this yarn here in various colors.
This is my squishy, plump and beloved Dewy Dk. A mix of superwash merino wool, nylon and silk. Ideal for beginners and great for everything from blankets and sweaters to guy or gal […]

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My Secret to Knitting Ribbing

When you’re first learning to knit, it’s hard enough to figure out the knit stitch. And then you have to learn the purl stitch. Whoa. Crazy little goober that it is.

But to combine the stitches and work ribbing…You have to remember when the yarn is in the front, when it’s in the back, when to work the knit stitch, when to work the purl stitch. Oh my gawddd… when does the craziness end?

I remember when I first learned to knit and that this particular thing (ribbing in general) just befuddled me.

So over the years I realized the super easy secret […]

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How to Dip Dye a Boho Doily Bowl

Aren’t these Boho Doily Bowls the cutest things ever? They look like precious flower petals!

If you have food coloring and glue, you’re set. You can make your own doilies if you like or just use store-bought ones like I have here. Most dollar stores carry them and they are pretty cheap.

How to Dip Dye Crochet Boho Doily BowlsHow to Dip Dye Crochet Boho Doily Bowls


How to Dip Dye Crochet Boho Doily Bowls

How to Knit – Absolute Beginner Knitting, Lesson 1 – Even if You’re Clueless

Learn to knit! It’s easier than you think and I break it down to the basics so anybody can get started, whether you’re 4 or 94.

When I uploaded this video I had no idea if anybody would watch it and lo and behold, it’s had nearly 3 million views. Good LORD! I get emails daily from people who have joined the knitting bandwagon and are now hooked for life.

It’s an incredibly satisfying pastime and you will be whipping out scarves and hats and sweaters and socks before you know it.

Let’s get busy learning to knit:

I show […]

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