How to Crochet the Puff Stitch!

Hey, lovely! Are you ready to learn how to crochet a puff stitch?

Look no further. It’s rather simple as you can see and it makes for some really fun patterns.

I’ll hush for a minute so you can watch the video tutorial now.

I like to refer to this as a double crochet puff stitch… you can pull the loops up higher to the height of a triple crochet and then you’ll have a triple crochet puff stitch!

This stitch can be worked with any yarn and hook […]

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How to Crochet a Christmas Tree Ornament

Welcome to the blog!

We have a cute crochet Christmas tree ornament pattern for you today!

You’ll need fingering weight yarn and a size US F hook. Or really, any size yarn and hook you desire.

This was designed by Kristina Smiley for us so thanks to her for the awesome design.

If you want this pattern in written format so you can easily refer back to it, just download the PDF here by adding to your cart and completing checkout. It’s free. You’ll then be shown the download link immediately.

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How to Crochet a Christmas Snowflake Ornament – Video + Written

Hello, my lovely. My previous crochet snowflake video was so popular that we decided to make another! Woop!

This one is pretty straight-forward. You can use any size yarn and needle, but this one used a US Size F hook and our Pearlescent Fingering weight yarn in colorway, Eggshell.

Make one to two dozen to hang on your tree this holiday season! You’ll only need about 15 yards per ornament.

You can also download the written version of this pattern here by adding to your cart and completing checkout. It’s free!

Alright, enjoy this precious day!

If you make […]

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How to Crochet a Christmas Candy Cane Ornament! + Video

Hellloo and welcome!

Are you on the search for a candy cane ornament pattern? Well, look no further.

You can watch step-by-step as I show you how in the video.

And if you prefer a written version, that can be downloaded here by adding to your cart and completing checkout. No charge! It’s free.

You’ll need:

Size US F hook (3.75 mm)

Fingering weight yarn.

I used about 6 yards of the red and 10 yards of the white. Colors are January Garnet and Eggshell, both on our lustrous and popular Pearlescent Fingering weight yarn. Colors come and go often so any […]

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How to Twist a Hank / Skein of Hand-Dyed Yarn!

Hey, my lovely!

Have you ever gotten a skein of gorgeous hand-dyed yarn only to be unable to re-twist it properly?

Well, you are in luck! Today I am showing how to re-twist your hank! Woop woop!

Grab a skein of yarn and let’s get started!

This is a super handy technique to know if you’ll be buying any amount of hand-dyed yarn, so you can keep your skeins nice and tidy on the shelf.

Leave your skeins in the twisted hank format until you are ready to cast on your project. Then you’ll need to wind them into balls before beginning. […]

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How to Knit a 4-in-1 Ponytail / Messy Bun Hat! EASY and QUICK.

Hello, my lovelies!
It’s time to learn to knit this EASY and QUICK 4-in-1 hat/cowl pattern.
1. Wear it like a COWL.
2. Wear it cinched up at the top for a BEANIE.
3. Shove it back on your head for more of a SLOUCH hat.
4. Open up the hole and poke your ponytail or messy bun through it.

Super cool!

To get started, follow along in the video. You can whip this out in an evening. It would make a great gift. Have fun!


All yarn, patterns, etc can be found on my site here:

Have a great day!

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How to Knit the Magic Loop Method

Helllooo!! Are you ready to start knitting in the round?

I’m here to show you my favorite method for doing so: The Magic Loop Method!

You can use this to knit socks and sweaters, sleeves and collars, cowls, hats, mittens, etc. Anything that is in the round.

You’ll need:

1 long circular needle (about 32″-40″)

I am using a skein of my Pearlescent Worsted weight yarn in colorway Laguna.

It’s soft and shimmering and a mix of superwash merino wool and silk. It’s hand-dyed by our lovely team of dyers and this yarn base really takes the dye so well. It just radiates!

Have a […]

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Free Pattern – Wanderer Knitted Barefoot Sandals

A simple and artsy pattern for the wanderers… the searchers…those who travel through this world looking for their place in it.

how to knit bohemian barefoot sandals

how to knit bohemian barefoot sandals

These have a natural, bohemian feel to them!

how to knit bohemian barefoot sandals

how to knit bohemian barefoot sandals

Simple lace work makes for quick and easy knitting. You can whip these out last-minute if need be!

How to Crochet Barefoot Sandals – Video Tutorial!

Hello, my sweets!!

Welcome to another video.

This pattern has long been one of my most popular blog posts so we decided to make a video for you. Woo hoo!

Easy peasy pudding and pie.

You can whip these out in about 10 minutes or so. For realllll.

It’s true.

Hey, have a great day and if you want the written version, get that here.

Post below with what videos you want to see in the future!

Bye now!

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How to Knit a Headband – Beginner Level

Here’s an easy pattern for you on how to knit a headband.

It’s shown for an adult size head, but you can adjust it to fit any head size. I show you how in the video.

how to knit a beginner headband

how to knit a beginner headband

how to knit a beginner headband

how to knit a beginner headband

You’ll need worsted weight yarn (I used one skein of Sterling Silver […]

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