I am HOME!

WOO! I am back from vacation and so tickled to pieces.

I LOVE vacation, but I LOVE coming home just as much.

I spent today getting everything unpacked, resorted, clothes thrown out of the closet and taken to Value Village, a few loving pats to my yarn (it was starting to get worried, thinking I’d never return), realized I put on 4 lbs while away and basically settled in.

So here is a quick recap of my vacation! (Plus my BIG NEWS!!)

  • Flew to Portland, Oregon
  • Rented a car
  • Stayed in the Hyatt Place hotel
  • Knitted on the Gap-tastic cowl
  • Went to the Oregon Zoo
  • Shopped like you cannot […]

Above the Clouds

I couldn’t BREATHE. I stared with eyes wide and mouth agape; half smiling, half in disbelief.

I’ve flown over these mountains dozens of times. I was born and raised in Alaska (living mostly in Juneau where the only means of escape is via plane or boat) so you would think I’d be totally used to the Alaskan mountains by now.

But apparently not.

I flew down to Anchorage last weekend for some rest and recouping (*Ahem, read: Shopping and eating too much).

On my way back, this was my view.

The pilot swung around so we could see the gorgeous Mt. McKinley. HELLO! Stunning.

I seriously […]

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On Knitting and Weddings and Emotions

It’s been an emotional, beautiful, exciting day of change and milestones.

My handsome nephew and stunning now-niece got married and are now off to Las Vegas.

They look like a superstar couple. ๐Ÿ™‚


I got to be a bridesmaid! I’m the short, dark-haired one on the end.


I must be getting older and more sentimental because my shoulders started shaking and I was on the verge of bawling as she began walking down the aisle. I cried when she read her vows. I cried when they kissed. I teared up when they danced their […]

Bohemian Barefoot Sandals – Free Crochet Pattern!

You can make this pair of cute bohemian barefoot sandals in less than an hour! Can ya dig it??

I whipped these up for my niece to wear after her wedding was over, during the reception, since the event is outside in the grass. Are they too cute or what?

These would be perfect for little girls or for anybody that is earthy and natural and free and loves bohemian, gypsy, hippie, boho chic things. I do so love them!

Since I’m still in Arkansas on vacation, these were taken out in the 100 degree weather, on a rock wall near my pa’s […]

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How To Save Big on Crafting Supplies

How To Save Big on Crafting Supplies


Iโ€™m going to give you some tips today on how to save big on crafting supplies and womanly things (fashion, accessories, etc).


So, Iโ€™m on vacation in Arkansas, with my beautiful ma, pa and sis. (By the way, if you are into shabby chic decorating, throwing parties or need to give a baby shower, click any of those links to be taken to my sisโ€™s glorious sites about each topic. She really is amazing with all of that […]

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How To Make a Yarn-Inspired Zentangle Clay Bracelet

Happy Sunday, my lovelies!

It’s the start of another new week and I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to share this cool bracelet I made yesterday as well as updates on my vacation starting Wednesday!

Zentangle Yarn-Inspired Clay Bracelet

I had a free day yesterday and so decided to make this bracelet from 10 cent air-dry clay I had purchased at a yard sale. Hurray for deals! Clay in all its forms is another of my passions, aside from fiber/yarn things and it’s been awhile since I’ve done anything with it.

Step 1:

I formed little hearts by pressing them into a heart-shaped 1/4 […]

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Save on Yarn + Rainbow Fleece Eye Candy

I wanted to let you know about 4 things today:

1. New rainbow and fantasy fleece available for spinners/felters.Woo! (If you don’t spin or felt, it’s just cool to look at!)
2. Shop closing for 2+ weeks (what you need to know, and how to SAVE money when buying yarn)
3. LusterSoft Worsted Weight Yarn (did you know this was available in all colors?)
4. My new studio! (Which means MORE new goodies coming soon soon soon for you!)

1. FIRST UP, EYE CANDY! Just look at these scrumptious fleeces:

Rainbow Swirls Romney Wool:

rainbow wool fleece romney

England Inspirations for New Yarn and Designs

So I’m back from England!

I had the most jolly good time of my life! We saw everything and crammed each moment with excitement!

I have hundreds of photos and inspirations I want to share with you! They will have to be trickled out over the coming weeks.

Day 1, we went to Cambridge. The architecture. The bicycles. The wild drivers. The museum. Cathedrals. Cobblestone sidewalks. Gorgeous sunshine. The trees. We went punting (boating where they push the boat along with a big stick). Ate jackets (delicious baked potatoes with any topping you can imagine. I had garlic mushrooms).

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Day 1 in England and I’m Almost Out of Knitting!

Yesterday marked Day 1 of my week-long England adventure with the girls, and do I have some things to tell you!
First, you must promise to read this whole blog post with an English accent. I can assure you, I’m well in the swing of things and am now typing this with an English accent. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I’ll just begin.

Pre-travel things:

1. Here we are all excited, ready to fly out!

london traveling

2. We saw this. HAHA! Oh, Alaska. I love you.

ulu knife sign knitting blog

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