Business Planning

Welcome, welcome. Grab a cup o’ tea and let’s have a chit chat.

The hubby and I went to Austin over the holidays to plan out Expression Fiber Arts 2016. Yes, we actually planned out the whole year.

We are just a small startup company of course, but we broke everything down into categories: finances, marketing, customer service and operations. And then proceeded to fill in all the blanks.

We procured the most awesomest of hotels (seriously, my fave hotel EVER and I’ve stayed in a lot: W Austin) and proceeded to hole up in the room or by the fire in the […]

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A Year’s Worth of Crocheting

We often buzz through life so quickly that we fail to appreciate all the things we’ve accomplished and become.

I was a bit blue the other day when I realized just what a tremendous year I’ve had. I’d love to give you a quick sum of my crochet projects here. I’ll be doing a knitted version and more soon too.

I’m so inspired now to plan out next year!

I’ll link over to everything, in case you want to check anything out further. Most items have tutorials for you to follow along.

(Also, some projects didn’t make the cut. Either I didn’t take pictures […]


5,000 miles driven.

3,478 laughs.

87 Reese’s cups.

70 episodes of Friends watched on my iPad.

58 gorgeous sunrises/sunsets.

52 new family members met at a reunion.

29 homeless days.

14 US states.

4 Canadian Provinces.

2 precious angels born: Grayson Roy and Bailey Rae (my great-nephew and great-niece) back in Fairbanks, AK. Awwww…….


1 beautiful new home in North Carolina.

beautiful new home

1 messy craft room.

craft room

1 accidental hair dye job in a hotel (turned nearly black instead of medium brown). No worries. […]

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Wandering. And Wondering.

We woke to the alarm on my iPhone. Eyes trying to open. Deep breaths. Up at 4 am again. Then I remembered.

I clutched at my phone to check if anyone had posted about it. Nothing. Had it happened yet?

We tossed on our clothes, grabbed our luggage and plowed out the door to leave Whitehorse for a 15 hour day on the road to Fort St. John.

This was the second day in our journey down the Alcan, from Fairbanks, Alaska to Charlotte, North Carolina.

I had been waiting all day prior, hoping to receive some news, but without cell phones or internet all […]

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It’s Almost Time!

We leave this week for North Carolina! Woopeee!!!

We have been B.U.S.Y the past few weeks.

Listing all remaining yarn we had, prepping/announcing/shipping the August club, cleaning, cleaning some more, packing, repacking, working out (trying to lose weight for the trip) and such. Appreciating all the wonderful things about Alaska like the radiant sunrises and sunsets.

Our house is empty:

moving from alaska to north carolina

It. Has. Been. GLORIOUS! Apparently I love packing! Who knew!

All dishes/food/utensils have been given away so we’ve been getting creative with our meals. Microwaved broccoli in paper cups, anyone?

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Why We’re Leaving Alaska

Oh good. You’re here.

I was worried you wouldn’t come.

I have news! Juicy news.

Grab a hot tea and settle in for a listen.

We’re moving. Not just down the street. 4,300 miles away.

It’s true.

The hubs and I are packing up all our worldly goods (which means basically clothes and yarn as we’re giving most everything else away to family and friends) and heading for the south.

We’re saying good-bye to Fairbanks, Alaska in favor of a warmer, sunnier climate. North Carolina.

It’s funny. I get many, many emails from lovely peeps who are fascinated that we live in Alaska. It seems to be the […]

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SkyDiving in Las Vegas. OH MY!

So the hubs and I went to Vegas over spring break in March and got the crazy idea to go skydiving.

Here’s what led up to the decision.

1. Years ago I saw a blog post about a lady I admired who had gone skydiving in Morocco. I thought… THAT IS CRAZY AND I WILL NEVER DO THAT!! But I secretly admired her for having the courage. I was sure if I ever did it, I would squeal like a dying pig.

2. A year and a half ago, I went into a MASSIVE depression. I had been living in the basement of […]

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A Dream Come True… Our Trip to Maui

There was a time in my life when I only dreamed of going on exotic vacations. I used to imagine sitting on a beach, the hazy sun fading behind the horizon… people quietly strolling by.

I’d imagine standing next to the vast and powerful ocean at midnight, the moon smiling down on me and glittering off the water.

I’d picture myself dancing slowly at night with my man, to a live band, out on the beach…

Fruity drinks with pineapples and umbrellas in them.

But for one reason or another, I just didn’t go. Year after year. What if this happened? What if that? […]

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Well, hello and howdy do!

We are back from Maui and oh, wow, did we have the time of our lives!! Maui is amazing, the wedding was spectacular and every day was like a dream….

What’s that? Where’s the pictures, you ask?

Oh, just you wait!! I am working on a blog post with TONS of gorgeous photos, in which I’ll give you the whole, delicious scoop!

So I realized, what with the holidays and then our trip, I haven’t been getting much at ALL done for YOU!

So I am back in the groove and rollin’.

SOOO many goodies coming up.

For today, I’ve got 2 […]

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My Dress Mess

I realized I haven’t been keeping you updated on the wedding plans!

It’s less than 2 months to the big day!

It’ll be in Maui (yes, we’re getting Maui’ed in Maui!) and I hired a wedding coordinator to take care of everything, including the photography, etc.

Anna Kim will be our photographer. Her stuff is amazing! I’m so excited for her to be taking our photos!

We’ll just be on the beach, us two, with the sunset behind us. At least, that’s how I envision it!

And about my dress!


I cannot even begin to you what I’ve been through with dresses!!

I’ll try to relay the […]

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